Where Do Termites Go During the Winter?

Any homeowner will tell you the one bug they never want to see is the winged, ant-like pest known as the termite. During the cold of December, you may feel safe in the warmth of your home believing that all the bugs are worlds away wherever it is that they spend winter.

Where is that? Where exactly do termites go for the winter? And are they still a threat to your nice, comfy home? Let’s find out!

Outdoor Activity of Termites in the Wintertermites

When the temperature drops outside termites may not be as evident, but they are still active. Unlike other types of bugs, termites don’t hibernate for the winter. They instead retreat to their nests.

For subterranean and Formosan termites, this is underground below the freeze line. However, if it is a mild winter with very little freezing termites will stay closer to the surface. Drywood and dampwood termites will nest in wood areas such as stumps or trees for the winter.

Indoor Activity of Termites in the Winter

There’s one big caveat to the information above. If termites moved into a home before the cold set in outside, they can remain active throughout the winter months. Homes actually make the perfect winter getaway because they provide not only wood and water, but also warmth. Without those three things, termites won’t make it through any season.

They’ll continue to eat away at the cellulose of wood structures, doing damage while you sit in your warm home thinking termites aren’t a problem until the spring swarming season. This is also the case if you live in an area where the winters are more mild. In other words, if Alabama has an easy winter then termites may be out and about even outside.

Taking preventative action against termites is a year-round need in Alabama. These bugs don’t care what time of year it is when it comes to wood chomping. If they can, they’ll dig their way into a house and move the entire colony in. It’s important to keep up with regular pest control and not to ignore the warning signs of an infestation, which include mud tubes, wings shed by the termites and wood damage.


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