Destructive Pests

Are Cicada Killers Hornets?

a wasp killing a cicada on the ground

  The sight of colossal, flying insects around the home can be highly concerning, especially for families in Alabama. Among these massive winged pests are cicada killers, which look a lot like the Northern Giant Hornet (formerly Asian Giant Hornet): the “murder hornet” that grows up to 1.5 to 2 inches in size and stings…

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What Are Social Insects?

close up of termites eating wood

Each species in the animal kingdom can be categorized by the innate capability of their individual organisms to interact with one another or those from other species. This characteristic is known as a species’s sociality.  Learn more about the different types of animal sociality as we continue to answer the common question: “What are social…

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Things You Might Be Guilty of that Attract Pests

fruit flies on sliced apples in a bowl

When it comes to keeping pests away, prevention is key. By avoiding certain habits and making a few changes around your home, you can significantly reduce the chances of attracting pests. Keep reading for some of the common mistakes people make that unknowingly attract pests. #1: Food Storage Leaving food out in the open or…

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Stick to These Summer Pest Prevention Do’s and Dont’s

man spraying for bugs under furniture

With the arrival of summer comes warmer temperatures, longer days—and, unfortunately, a lot of pesky pests. From mosquitoes and flies to ants and termites, these unwanted visitors can quickly turn a relaxing summer into a frustrating battle! However, with proper summer pest prevention measures, you can enjoy the season to the fullest without dealing with…

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Here’s Why to Be Aware of Termites this Spring & Beyond


Spring is right around the corner—can you believe it?! With the first week of spring quickly approaching, we thought it necessary to let you know the dangers of termites and the damage they can cause.  Once termites start, they never stop. They love to feed on wood, leaving it weak and brittle with damaging outcomes…

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Termite Treatment: How Much Does It Typically Run?

termite treatment

Termites can be an expensive pest to control; once an infection has taken control of your property, the cost can ramp up the longer it’s left untreated. Plus, the cost of termite treatment is not the only factor to consider: Repair of damaged timber in severe cases can run up a hefty sum.  Contributing Factors…

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The Importance of a Termite Inspection When Buying a Home

termite inspection

There’s a lot you have to do—and take care of—when homebuying. But, with how big of an investment it is, all those to-dos are more than necessary. Closing on a starter home or a dream relocation is an exciting experience and time of life. However, any move-in can go from exciting to excruciating if there’s…

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Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

termite damage

If you’ve recently discovered termites chewing through your drywall, you may be wondering, “does my homeowner’s insurance cover termite damage?” You’re not alone! Each year, termites cause an estimated $5 million in property damage in the United States. What’s worse, a recent study found that non-native insects cost taxpayers another $1.7 billion in lost property…

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Top Trees That Attract Termites

Controlling termites starts with knowing what attracts these destructive pests and how they survive. Everybody knows that they chew through basically any kind of wood. But the big landscaping question is whether or not they prefer to feed on specific types of tree species. Homeowners will be happy to know that most termites don’t typically attack…

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Where Do Termites Go During the Winter?

  During the winter, homeowners feel like they can relax a little and not worry so much about a destructive termite infestation, even in the buggy southeastern states. But is it a false sense of security? Can termites still invade your home in the dead of the winter? Not all insects die off or go into…

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