Controlling Moles & Voles With Pest Control

Mole in ground

Many people mistakenly think that moles and voles hibernate during the winter. In actuality, these furry little critters are active during the cold months in underground tunnels. They may be soft and even a little cute…but moles and voles are a big nuisance for Alabama homeowners.

All it takes is one mole burrowing through the winter to tear up a yard. They often dig near home foundations where the ground is warmer, which can lead to other issues if the ground is significantly displaced. Voles and moles can also destroy ornamentals, trees and other plants by eating and/or disrupting the root structure.

Keep reading to learn how to control moles and voles through the winter season!

The Connection Between Moles, Voles & Pest Control

Moles and voles are pests, but if they are in your yard, they aren’t the only problem. These underground mammalsfeast on soil insects like grubs. If they have decided to make their home in your yard, chances are there’s an ample food source. It’s just one more reason why pest control is important throughout every season! Keeping grubs and other insects out of your yard will also protect against additional pests that feed on bugs.

How to Get Rid of a Winter Mole or Vole Problem

In addition to maintaining regular pest control treatments over the winter there are other ways you can discourage moles and voles from digging on your property.

Poison – Treating the yard with insecticide will remove the food source, but to get rid of a mole or vole for good you’ll need a specific toxic bait. The bait should be placed around active tunnels, however, getting the mole or vole to take the bait is far from guaranteed. This method is not recommended if you have pets because there is potential for any animal to become sick or die if exposed to the poison.

Traps – There are a number of traps that are designed to catch and kill moles. You can choose from a scissor-jawed, choker or harpoon style trap. In order to figure out where to place the traps you’ll need to know which tunnels are active. Before nightfall flatten all of the tunnels. Moles are most active at dusk and dawn, and they will re-excavate the tunnels that they are actively using. The next morning look to see where the tunnels have popped back up. Set the trap over the freshly excavated tunnels and wait for it to be tripped.

Lawn Rollers – A lawn roller is a heavy steel wheel that can be connected to the back of a mower. Pull the lawn roller over the tunnels to crush them and pack in the soil. You’ll have to do this regularly to discourage voles and moles from tunneling through your yard.

If you have a mole or vole problem, Vulcan Termite and Pest Control Inc. can help. Our highly trained technicians can analyze the problem and come up with a solution to get rid of insects that are attracting underground pests!

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