The Importance of a Termite Inspection When Buying a Home

termite inspection

There’s a lot you have to do—and take care of—when homebuying. But, with how big of an investment it is, all those to-dos are more than necessary. Closing on a starter home or a dream relocation is an exciting experience and time of life. However, any move-in can go from exciting to excruciating if there’s a termite infestation and/or signs of structural damage. When buying a home, it’s necessary to have a home inspector conduct a thorough termite inspection.

Termites: Wreaking Havoc on Homes

Termites have a knack to cause significant property damage, which can total up to $5 billion each year. These so-called “silent destroyers” eat through a home or property’s wood, flooring, and wallpaper. 

What makes termites so destructive is their nature to live together in colonies, including a few thousand termites up to several million, based on the species. There’s also the risk of more than one colony being on a property. Several colonies can live on even just one acre of land, which means that one home or property can become compromised by millions of termites. 

Homebuyers should beware of the telltale signs of termite damage and ensure that key areas like foundations, soil-adjacent areas, and crawlspaces are thoroughly checked. 

Why Homebuyers Should Get a Termite Inspection

Simply put, termite damage can be a costly affair. So much so that the cost to repair the damage might surpass the original value of the home. This is the reason why a termite inspection is necessary before finalizing and moving into a new home. The good news? It’s common for a termite inspection to be required when a home or property changes hands. Additionally, some mortgages, including VA and FHA loans, can depend on the extent of repairs. 

A termite inspection inspects a home’s structural condition from top to bottom. During the inspection, a specialist will assess termite damage from a home’s roof to the foundation. Some signs they’ll look out for are water damage, mazed furniture and/or walls, busted or buckling wood, and bowed ceilings and floors. Some infestations also give off an odor that resembles mold or mildew. All in all, an inspection will last about an hour when performed by a professional. The termite inspection will end in a report that includes whether or not a termite infestation is present and how much it will cost to eradicate the infestation. 

Treating for Termites if Necessary

Once the report and estimate are issued (if applicable), a pest control service will need to be called on. The termite colony will then be targeted by fumigation or another insecticide method. 

After that, the homeowner will likely work with a contractor to sort out damages and get them repaired. These costs can be quite extensive, depending on the severity of structural damage to the home or property. 

Call On Vulcan Termite

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