Planting and Pests – Some Natural Approaches

Everyone nowadays seems to hate smokers. Why? Most people who still take a puff now-and-again aren’t harming anyone. Sure, you may not like the smell, but give the poor souls a break. You’ve got legs. Walk away.

We mention this because if you’re a gardener, there’s nothing better for keeping certain critters away from your prized harvest than the tobacco plant. This just in from the website, Ready Nutrition:

Tobacco is a great insect repellent for the kitchen garden.  By simply soaking as little as a cigarette amount of tobacco in a quart of water and allowing it to soak overnight, the nicotine released in the water will create an all purpose insect repellent. Tobacco is good for:

  • Aphid Control
  • Peach Tree Borers
  • Leaf Roller
  • Garden Centipede
  • Gophers and Moles
  • Spiders

Not just tobaccy. There are a lot of other growing things that can keep your garden as pesticide-free as possible. It’s called companion planting.

Some Natural Helpers

Like tobacco, there are some plants that ward off pests. another trick is to plant a three row border around your garden space with marigolds. Make sure when using those flowers (to prevent nematode growth), do it a season before to get top results.

Make a sweet frame of marigolds and tobacco and you’ll be surprised just how little you’ll have to spray toxins all over the place to keep your future food source bug-free.

More Marriages in Spring

We’ve got a bunch of suggestions for companion planting. Tried it before and it really does cut back on the pests that can invade a veggie patch.

  • Raccoon invasion? Plant your pumpkins and corn together. A little hot red pepper dusted on the corn silk will likewise give the bugs the willies.
  • If there’s one thing that rabbits can’t stand it’s onions. Stick a few shoots between the lettuce, cabbage, peas and beans.
  • Gotta love your ladybugs. That’s because they make a daily meal of those darned aphids.
  • Tomatoes and broccoli are definitely aphid targets. Actually the little monsters love most plants. Try this: Plant some nasturtiums around the broccoli and chives right next to your tomatoes. By the way, you can use the nasturtiums leaves in your salads. Kinda tastes like radishes.
  • Ever grown leeks? Plant them around your carrot crop. That will keep carrot and onion flies from munching down and laying eggs.
  • Lettuce is a terrific barrier to keep earth flies away from radishes and kohlrabi.
  • Mix some dill, celery, sage, rosemary and peppermint around your taters, broccoli and beets.
  • Put a row of asparagus between a couple of rows of tomatoes. Keeps bugs away and increases the yield.
  • Potatoes not only go well with beans at the dinner table. Marry them in the garden to ward-off the beans from the Mexican bean beetle and the Colorado potato beetle.
  • Don’t forget the castor beans to repel moles. Border the garden along with your marigolds and tobacco with some daffodils to keep rodents from your plot. And a yarrow border will burst the oil production in your herbs.

Now pull out that stack of garden catalogs that started arriving around Christmas. It’s almost time to begin your bounty.

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