Education and Prevention

Back-to-School Pest Prevention

pest prevention

Can you believe that another summer has come and gone? Time really does fly by, especially when you’re having fun. Now that the summer months are coming to an end, the new school year is ready to get us back into the swing of things.  Back-to-school shopping and other errands that have to be completed…

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Bug Biology: Some Helpful Insect Basics

insect basics

Because we’re a termite and pest control company, we talk a lot about bugs, pests, insects, and all the creepy crawlies. While it’s great to learn about bugs, how to prevent them, and how to rid them from your home, it’s time that we go back to the basics and go over some interesting—and basic—information…

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How to Avoid Summer Fruit Flies After a Farmers’ Market Run

avoid summer fruit flies

Because of all the fresh summer produce that’s available in the grocery store or farmers’ markets, it’s common to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on your countertops after a run. However, if you do this, you may have encountered teeny, tiny pests—called fruit flies—that feast on your produce. Here are three interesting facts about fruit…

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What You Can Do about Pets and Pests

pets and pests

Pets are adorable and fun, but they play such a unique role in the family. We love and care for them, but our dogs and cats can often be the most significant contributors to our pest problems.  Pets and pests share a distinct (and somewhat gross) relationship—from fleas and ticks attaching to your pet’s skin,…

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How to Pest-Proof Your Summer Fun: Helpful Pest Tips

helpful pest tips

When we think of summer, we often think of spending time outdoors with friends and family—whether gathered around a fire roasting marshmallows or enjoying a lazy day on the lake. While either scene mentioned is picturesque, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects tend to get in the way and ruin your summer fun.  Unfortunately, the pest…

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Summer Pest Prevention: What You Can Do to Get Ahead

summer pest prevention

Summer is great for many reasons: the warm weather, the stress-free mentality, and the fun that summer days and nights bring. But, with every high, there is typically a low. In summer’s case, that low is a surge in the insect population. Fortunately for you, there are some things you can do to avoid the…

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Helpful Bugs to Get Your Kids Buzzing About

helpful bugs

Why is it that grownups inherit such a phobia for bugs and insects over time? Children are often fascinated by these little critters—perhaps due to sheer infatuation and curiosity. While they are still in their malleable years, children present the opportune chance to be taught about the helpful bugs in (and around) your backyard or…

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