Education and Prevention

What to Do About Summer Bugs In Your Home

person cleaning the kitchen sink

There are many reasons to love living in Alabama’s warm weather, but dealing with summer bugs in the house in August? That’s not one of them. Unfortunately, Alabama’s extended periods of humid, stagnant heat make this state a place where pests love to be as long as possible since most are cold-blooded and find warm,…

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Things You Might Be Guilty of that Attract Pests

fruit flies on sliced apples in a bowl

When it comes to keeping pests away, prevention is key. By avoiding certain habits and making a few changes around your home, you can significantly reduce the chances of attracting pests. Keep reading for some of the common mistakes people make that unknowingly attract pests. #1: Food Storage Leaving food out in the open or…

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Stick to These Summer Pest Prevention Do’s and Dont’s

man spraying for bugs under furniture

With the arrival of summer comes warmer temperatures, longer days—and, unfortunately, a lot of pesky pests. From mosquitoes and flies to ants and termites, these unwanted visitors can quickly turn a relaxing summer into a frustrating battle! However, with proper summer pest prevention measures, you can enjoy the season to the fullest without dealing with…

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Do Frogs Eat Their Own Skin?…& Other Crazy Things Pests Do

green frogs sitting together in water

Frogs and toads are fascinating creatures with unique habits and adaptations. One of their intriguing behaviors is that they do in fact eat their own skin! You might be wondering, “why do frogs eat their own skin?!” Keep reading to learn more about the reasons behind this peculiar behavior, as well as some other interesting…

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What Are Clover Mites & What Do They Look Like?

clover mites

We talk a lot about pests that could be potentially harmful to you—after all, your family’s safety is our priority! Today, however, we’re going to be talking about a pest that’s more of a nuisance: clover mites. These pesky little pests are almost impossible to see, can invade your home this time of year, and…

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How Can I Rid My Home of Booklice?


While booklice are technically harmless, that doesn’t mean you want them taking up residence in your home. If you’ve noticed these small, gray-brown bugs skulking about, keep reading for some expert tips on how to get rid of them. What Are Booklice? Despite what their name implies, booklice aren’t actually lice—and they can’t read! They’re…

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What Impact Do Weather Conditions Have On Insects?


Here in Alabama, we’re all too familiar with unpredictable, ever-changing weather conditions. One day it’s freezing outside, and the next day, it’s sunny and humid! So, how do these drastic weather changes impact the insects we deal with in the South? Keep reading for some expert insect insight! How Different Weather Affects Insects Like lizards,…

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Ow! What Bit Me? Your Guide to Common Bug Bites and Stings

common bug bites and stings

Nature is pretty good at defending itself—some plants are poisonous, animals have teeth and claws, and even insects are equipped with the ability to sting and bite.  While many insects can only irritate your skin, some can cause more significant damage. Keep reading for a complete guide to common bug bites and stings!  Common Bug…

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