Education and Prevention

Why Are There So Many Ladybugs in My House?

ladybug about to land on a human hand

Did you know that a group of ladybugs is called a “loveliness?” It’s true! Still, “loveliness” is likely the last descriptor you’d use when you’re wondering: Why are there so many ladybugs in my house?! If that describes you, congrats; you need no longer wonder—keep reading for our insect experts’ answers to all your ladybug…

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Are Opossums Pests?

Opossum sitting in a tree

Are opossums pests? Well, it depends on how you define “pest.” Any creature that causes safety, comfort, or cleanliness problems on your property is considered a pest. This may surprise you, but opossums rarely fit that description!  There are many slandering myths out there about opossums, but the real truth is it is extremely rare…

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Why Do Some Animals Hibernate in the Winter?

hedgehog hibernating in nest of leaves

At this point in winter, Alabama’s forests, woodlands, and wetlands are much quieter than usual. Many creatures that commonly roam these habitats in the spring, summer, and late fall have migrated to warmer climates. However, there is still plenty of winter wildlife nearby. During the day, herds of white-tail deer and a few other species…

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How Intelligent Are Insects, Actually?

ants carrying leaves

You may be under the impression that insects are pea-brained creatures without conscious or emotional capability. For most of history, entomologists would have agreed with you on that.  However, more recent research in entomology (the study of insects) reveals that there may be more to the creatures than meets the eye. Read on to learn…

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Do Mice Hibernate in Winter?

mouse hibernating in burrow

Alabama winters are unpredictable. Some years, our “winters” are warm enough to wear shorts outside on Christmas Day. Others are so cold that many resort to their own version of “hibernating” on the weekends. In today’s blog, our pest control experts provide valuable advice and solutions for mice, one of the most common pests found…

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What Makes Us So Naturally Afraid of Bugs?

woman curled up in chair, looking scared

  Whether you’re extremely afraid of bugs or only slightly, you might wonder if it’s normal (or even natural) to feel the way you do. The short answer is yes, to some extent, it’s natural to be afraid of bugs.  But why do we have a fear of bugs and why does it feel so…

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The Truth About Winter Pests: Common Myths Debunked

a close up of a wasp hibernating

  Many myths about winter pests persist—often online. At Vulcan Termite & Pest Control, we’d like to debunk some common myths and provide our expert advice for a winter free from pests. Myth #1: Winter Pests “Die Off” in the Winter The pests that plague your summer activities do not all die off due to…

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Insects We’re Thankful For this Thanksgiving Season

a whole spread of fall foods and foliage with butterflies flying around

As experts in pest control, most of the posts here on our pest blog are about the invasive and harmful pests we aren’t so fond of as well as our suggestions for eliminating them from your home or property. However, our love for entomology (the study of insects) also teaches us about the beauty of…

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Pests Most Likely to Go After Your Halloween Candy

Halloween candy on table and in pumpkin bucket

  Halloween is almost here, and a good scare is customary (encouraged, even) this time of year. Many who celebrate enjoy getting spooked by scary movies and haunted houses. However, having your home “haunted” by unwanted guests—not ghosts, but rather, vermin or other pests—is not so fun, especially when they raid your stash of trick-or-treating…

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