Education and Prevention

Can You Treat Wood to Prevent Termites?


Termite control keeps us very busy in the spring and summer months––where the warm and humid Southeast hosts the perfect environment for termites to thrive. Of the termite species likely to live in the South, the subterranean termite is the one found most commonly here in Alabama.  Annually, termites cost billions of dollars in damage…

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Bugs We Love: Which Bugs Can Be Your Pets?

bugs as pets

Pets have become a part of the family in many households––they bring a lot of joy into our homes. In fact, according to a recent poll, approximately 62% of family homes include a pet or two. Of those, 95% consider their pet part of the family.  As expected, the majority of people own a cat…

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Can Bugs Get Diabetes?

During Diabetes Awareness Month a lot of attention is put on the increasing rate of illness among Americans. Our love for sugar, among a number of other factors, has made type 2 diabetes spike in the country. It made us curious about how other animals react to sugar. Many insects are notorious for their sugar…

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How to Prevent Chigger Bites This Summer

Sometimes it’s the smallest insects that are the biggest pains. Case in point: chiggers. If you’ve ever come in contact with chiggers you may have been left with an insanely aggravating itch. Chiggers feed off of hosts, but unlike mosquitoes, ticks and fleas they don’t suck your blood. Instead, chiggers like to nibble on skin. When…

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How To Remove Bugs From Your Car

During the winter bugs are looking for any possible shelter they can find, and your vehicle could be the perfect spot. The warm engine could attract them, and vehicles that rarely get driven are an even better home base for overwintering pests. Bed bugs, ants, roaches, spiders – just about any insect can get through…

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How to Identify Local Bugs

Now that you know which Alabama bugs can bite or may be hibernating in your home you’ll need to know how to identify them. Not all bugs have identifiable markings like a black widow. And some species look remarkably similar. Our professional technicians are trained to spot different types of insects in order to create…

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Armyworms In Alabama

This fall you may have noticed something new wriggling and writhing around in your yard. Armyworms are such a common occurrence in the southeast during autumn they’re sometimes referred to as fall armyworms. Armyworms are actually caterpillars that haven’t yet become armyworm moths. The moths migrate to the southern states during the summer where they…

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Bug Spray Breakdown: Everything You Need to Know

Our professional pest control services can keep bugs out of your home and yard, but keeping them off of your body is a whole other ballgame. This summer with growing concerns over the Zika virus it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re properly protected. Below you’ll find a bug spray breakdown. It’s all…

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