Education and Prevention

Are You Unintentionally Inviting Bugs into Your Home?


Nobody wants bugs roaming free in their home. Not only does it leave you with a creepy-crawly feeling: It can even be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Roaches, not to mention rodents, can sully household surfaces and get into food. Flies can congregate around open food sources and trash, causing a nuisance and…

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Why Are There So Many Bugs in the Summer?

bugs in the summer

You might notice that summer brings in certain kinds of bugs, and they’re just about everywhere.  During outdoor summer fun, you’re bombarded by mosquitoes making a meal of exposed skin. When you head indoors to beat the heat and enjoy some A/C, you see house flies zoom to and fro—even when you were extra careful…

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Do Alabama Bugs Get Cold in the Winter?

alabama bugs

Being experts in all things bugs, our technicians get asked a lot of questions. Most are more specific to a given problem the homeowner is experiencing, but sometimes people are just curious.  One question we hear a lot is: “Do bugs get cold?” We already covered how some Alabama bugs survive the winter, but today,…

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What Makes Skunks So Stinky?

skunk stink

When you think of some of the smelliest animals, what comes to mind? No, we aren’t talking about your dog coming inside after playing in the mud or the dirty hamster cage you keep saying you’ll clean. We’re talking about skunks.  Yes, skunks. Easily recognized by their notorious black coat with white stripes, as well…

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These Alabama Bugs Get More Active in Winter

winter bugs

One of the benefits of winter in Alabama is that we experience fewer freezing temperatures than our friends up north. The only downside to this, other than never experiencing a snowy white Christmas, is that it means bugs in Alabama will stay more active during the winter months.  Bugs are like us Alabamians—they don’t like…

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Understanding the Amazing Strength of Ants


You’ve seen them on the sidewalk, at the picnic table, and lining up on the wall. Ants are constantly on the go, searching for the next big task to support their day’s mission. Sporting an incredible work ethic, ants also demonstrate amazing strength, lifting objects up to 5,000 times their own weight. This has categorized…

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Identifying Dangerous Spiders Around Your Home

dangerous spiders

As humans, our collective fear of spiders has become so sensitive that we shriek at even a semblance of a spider, such as a balled up piece of string hanging from a freshly washed shirt, or a small black speck on the carpet. Despite our fears, not every spider is dangerous and needs an immediate…

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Is It Safe to Use Bug Spray While Pregnant?

bug spray

As a newly pregnant mother, you want the absolute best for your soon-to-be-here bundle of joy. This means taking only the best prenatal vitamins, eating the best diet, and using the best skincare––no exceptions. When it comes to bug spray, there can be a lot of misinformation, skewed data, and bias about which bug sprays…

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Murder Hornets: What You Need to Know

murder hornets

The neighborhood is buzzing––quite literally––over the hype of murder hornets! But before we all get into our bunkers, we wanted to make it clear that no actual murder hornets have been found in Alabama. However, in the Pacific Northwest, the detection of Asian giant hornets are causing beekeepers some sleepless nights. Asian giant hornets, or…

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6 Unexpected Reasons Termites Are Attracted to Your House


As the weather warms up, termites will quite literally start crawling out of the woodwork. By now, you’re probably well aware that termites love wood, and that a termite infestation can cost a great deal of money and stress—but how much more do you really know about these wood-destroying insects? Probably not as much as…

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