Education and Prevention

How Left-Out Pumpkins & Food Attracts Pests

food attracts pests

Fall and winter are seasons we normally don’t associate with bugs and pests, but pest prevention (especially during the fall) is of the utmost importance! Even though there’s a nip in the air, you should still be taking steps to keep bugs and pests away from your family. Keep reading for more info! It’s No…

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Telltale Yard Pest Signs During Autumn

yard pest signs during autumn

When it comes to gardening and lawn care, autumn’s cooler weather brings a lot of relief! A lot of the pests are becoming less active (and less destructive), and your plants don’t need quite so much water. But Alabama is subject to weather ping pong—one day it’s cool and crisp, the next it feels like…

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Pests During Autumn: How They Like to Behave

pests during autumn

Just like with anything in the natural world, the seasons affect pests and the way they like to behave. Knowing what to expect from pests during autumn is the best defense against them! Keep reading for some more information on how some of the most common bugs’ behavior will change as the weather starts to…

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Back-to-School Pest Prevention

pest prevention

Can you believe that another summer has come and gone? Time really does fly by, especially when you’re having fun. Now that the summer months are coming to an end, the new school year is ready to get us back into the swing of things.  Back-to-school shopping and other errands that have to be completed…

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Bug Biology: Some Helpful Insect Basics

insect basics

Because we’re a termite and pest control company, we talk a lot about bugs, pests, insects, and all the creepy crawlies. While it’s great to learn about bugs, how to prevent them, and how to rid them from your home, it’s time that we go back to the basics and go over some interesting—and basic—information…

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How to Avoid Summer Fruit Flies After a Farmers’ Market Run

avoid summer fruit flies

Because of all the fresh summer produce that’s available in the grocery store or farmers’ markets, it’s common to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on your countertops after a run. However, if you do this, you may have encountered teeny, tiny pests—called fruit flies—that feast on your produce. Here are three interesting facts about fruit…

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