These Alabama Bugs Get More Active in Winter

winter bugs

One of the benefits of winter in Alabama is that we experience fewer freezing temperatures than our friends up north. The only downside to this, other than never experiencing a snowy white Christmas, is that it means bugs in Alabama will stay more active during the winter months. 

Bugs are like us Alabamians—they don’t like colder temperatures. Luckily for them, this means that they can stay more active in the winter months down south because of the fewer freezes we experience. This is why it’s important for you to keep regular preventative pest control treatments for your home. While you’re at it, here are a few winter bugs that you’re likely to see around your home this time of year. 

Fall Webworms

Those thick webs you see in your trees aren’t your neighbor’s Halloween decorations that they left out; they’re usually a sign of webworms. Fall webworms, also known as silkworms, use their signature webs to make a cozy home for the winter. While they may not be harmful, their webs tend to be an eyesore. Usually, you can get rid of these worms by pruning the branch where the web starts. 

Monarch Butterflies 

The migration path of the beautiful monarch butterfly is something to behold. Typically, they make the journey starting in the fall from the northern states in the U.S. all the way down to Mexico, where they spend most of the winter. Alabama is usually along this route and these butterflies have been spotted here as late as the end of October. 

Yellow Jackets 

While generally associated with the summer, Yellow Jackets have been known to hang around Alabama well into November. The fall means hunting season for the yellow jackets and they can usually be spotted searching for sugar-laden food. Look out for them at outdoor dinners, around your garbage can, or around hummingbird feeders


Like most other bugs during the winter, ladybugs seek out warm shelter. Thus, they’ll usually be spotted in and around your home. Hopefully, ladybugs will stay out of sight in your basement or attic, but you may notice them buzzing around your home. 

Stink Bugs

Ever notice small, greyish bugs on the outside of your home? If so, you may have a stink bug problem. Stink bugs, with their repulsive odor, normally seek shelter on the sides of homes during the winter in an effort to stay warm. If you do spot them, you’ll want to take care of them right away, because they will move into your home if they can.

Winter Bug Problem? 

As you can see, while some bug activity tapers off during the winter, there are plenty of pests still out there. The best way for you to handle them and keep your home safe is by scheduling regular preventative pest control treatment. Contact Vulcan Termite today and keep your home bug free this winter!