Helpful Bugs to Get Your Kids Buzzing About

helpful bugs

Why is it that grownups inherit such a phobia for bugs and insects over time? Children are often fascinated by these little critters—perhaps due to sheer infatuation and curiosity. While they are still in their malleable years, children present the opportune chance to be taught about the helpful bugs in (and around) your backyard or garden. 

Contrary to popular belief, humans and bugs often work hand-in-hand with one another! Take organic farming (or gardening), for example. Organically grown farms do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their crops; instead, bugs and insects prey on the bad bugs, and positively contribute to the organic farm’s pollination.

Included below is a list of five helpful bugs that play an important role in garden growth and more!


​​This bug has been used for all kinds of children’s books, cartoons, movies, and more! What’s not to love about ladybugs? Their harmless, little red and black bodies bring so much joy to your garden. In addition to their adorable selves, there is not a better bug for your children to include in their garden this year. Why? They contribute to eating aphids—plant-destroying mealworms. Be sure to encourage ladybugs to make your garden their next home!


What’s the buzz? Did you know that bees are the biggest contributors to pollination? Approximately 30% of the entire world’s crops need bee pollination to continue to thrive. Despite their at-times alarming buzzing noise, bees are quintessential for plant growth—gardens and farms, alike! 


We know that wasps often sting worse and are seemingly more aggressive than their bee brethren, but did you know that they actually have many helpful qualities about them? Because of their predatory nature, they feed on small insects that incessantly grow in gardens and farms. This helps minimize larvae and insects who snack in your garden, killing plants in the process. Because wasps can be dangerous—it’s understandable to want to minimize their population. However, consider keeping a few around to help balance out your garden’s ecology.


It can be said that dragonflies and ladybugs are in a close race for the most adored insect. Who takes the lead? Well, that’s up to you and your insect preferences! Like the ladybug, dragonflies have many beneficial characteristics about them that help promote garden growth. Dragonflies eat aphids, flies, mosquitoes, and more—all in pursuit of making sure your garden doesn’t get too out of control. 

Praying Mantis:

This little critter is an extremely recognizable insect, especially for kids, due to its bright green color and “praying hands.” This bug is claimed to be the perfect hunter—as it’s quick to eat all kinds of bottom-food-chain insects that get in its way. Plus, not only does this insect look cool: Your garden will stay nice and healthy with it in the neighborhood! 

Helpful Bugs for Your Garden

There are many other bugs and insects not listed that are considered helpful for farms, yards, and gardens. In addition to those we’ve mentioned, bugs like beetles also have helpful tendencies. 

For more information concerning helpful (and not-so-helpful) bugs, contact Vulcan Termite & Pest Control. Our pest control specialists would love to help you address your pest problems, and even let you know which bugs may be worth keeping around!