Keeping Pests From Becoming Houseguests This Winter


We have previously discussed where insects go during the winter. And unfortunately one place they migrate to is your house. From ladybugs to stink bugs to spiders, there are a wide variety of bugs that get active in a home while others are hibernating outside.

Keep Up With Your Regular Pest Control

Just because there are less bugs around doesn’t mean they’ve gone away. They’ve simply gone into hiding to ride out the cold. But make no mistake about it – they are still out in your yard and some are waiting for an opportunity to get in your home. Keeping up with you regular pest control treatments is the best way to keep insects from becoming a problem during winter.

Cut Plants Back

Fall and winter is usually when yard work winds down, but that can cause serious bug problems. When plants come in contact with your home it invites bugs in no matter what season it is. Not only will plants and tree limbs give pests a direct route to your house it also gives them a place to hide. They sit there and wait to dart inside as soon as they see an open door or cracked window.

Seal Your House Up Tight

Bugs often enter your house the same way people do – through doors and windows. Winterize your house by:

  • Caulking and sealing the openings
  • Putting weather stripping around doors
  • Putting screens on windows and doors
  • Making sure screens fit snuggly and have no tears

This will not only keep bugs from using your house as shelter it will also better insulate the home to keep the cold out. Don’t forget the garage doors. The garage is a common hideout for wintering bugs and other pests like mice. Once they’re in the garage they are one step closer to getting inside the home.

Keep Outdoor Lighting to a Minimum

Bugs are attracted to light. So during the winter months keep the wattage down so your home doesn’t become a bug beacon. You can maybe us motion detector lights in place of ones that are on constantly.

Cover Vents with Screens

Around the outside of your home there are vents and pipes that need to release air, etc. but they can also let pests in. Don’t cover the vents completely. Instead use a screen so the vents can do their job but insects are kept out.

Repair Clapboard Siding

If your home has clapboard make sure it is all securely fastened in place. Ladybugs in particular can sneak into homes from cracks in the clapboard.

Check Yourself Before Going Inside

Bugs like to hitch rides on people all the time. Give yourself a good once over before going inside to make sure you’re not inviting them into your home.

Act Immediately if You See Insects

Chances are if you see one insect they aren’t alone. During the winter many bugs like to shack up together like they’re on winter vacation. It’s not a wait and see sort of situation. Look around for evidence of further infestation to find out where exactly they are hiding. If you discover it’s widespread or something that you can’t handle yourself quickly then it’s time to call professional exterminators.

If you decide to eradicate your unwelcome winter guests yourself don’t start squashing. Smashing or stirring up bugs can cause them to release excretions that are smelly and can stain. Instead use a shop vacuum to suck them up. Even after bugs are under control you’ll need to keep a sharp lookout for signs of bug life throughout the cold months.

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