Locker Stock: Quick & Easy Pest Control Options to Have at School

pest control options

We know you want the absolute best for your kids. But when it comes to protecting them from bug bites, it’s not always easy to tell what’s good for them or what’s potentially harmful. As your kids head back to school—but the hot weather holds on—make sure you’re making the right choice for them! Here are some pest control options for them to have on-hand at school. 

Back-to-School Pest Control Options

The term “pest repeller” applies to a wide range of different concoctions and devices, all designed to keep bugs away—not kill them. Here we’ll go over some of the most common kinds of pest repellers to give you an idea of all the pest control options you have!

Pest Repellent Spray

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear “pest repellent” is bug spray! This is a popular, affordable, and effective option for keeping both mosquitos and ticks at bay. While a lot of bug sprays feel sticky on your skin and give off an unpleasant smell, the popularity of this kind of product has made for plenty of higher quality options. 

Natural Bug Spray

While bug sprays containing DEET are effective, if you’re looking for fewer chemicals in your life you should check out natural bug sprays. These typically contain all natural oils that bugs like mosquitos don’t like to be around. 

Garden with Pests in Mind

For an even more natural option, try planting pest-repellent plants! Plenty of plants and flowers naturally deter certain bugs as a defense mechanism (fascinating, right?) and can be strategically planted. See if your child’s school would consider planting some peppermint or chrysanthemums!

So, What’s the Best Choice for Your Kids?

Like with a lot of parenting decisions, the answer will depend on your family! Some people prefer to limit the amount of DEET used, especially around their children, and will opt for natural bug sprays. Though they have to be applied more often than sprays containing DEET, they still get the job done. 

If your kids still can’t seem to avoid bug bites, you can dress them to deter pests, too! Have them wear loose, long-sleeve clothing (if they won’t have to spend too much outside in the heat) in muted colors. The muted colors will attract fewer bugs, and the bugs won’t have as much access to their skin if they wear longer clothes. Sending them to school in socks and shoes instead of sandals will help a lot, too, especially if they’re running around in the grass! 

Make sure you’re applying bug spray for your kids, wash your hands well after applying, and avoid spraying bug spray near food or drinks. It’s also a good idea to avoid products that claim to do more than one thing at once—like sunscreen bug repellent. 

Having Pest Problems at Home?

School may have started back, but there are still plenty of warm days ahead! Don’t let a pest problem stop you from making some last-minute summer memories. Vulcan Termite has been providing Birmingham with superior pest control since 1965, and we look forward to doing the same for your family. Call us today to get started, and get back to enjoying the outdoors!