Why Are There So Many Bugs in the Summer?

bugs in the summer

You might notice that summer brings in certain kinds of bugs, and they’re just about everywhere.  During outdoor summer fun, you’re bombarded by mosquitoes making a meal of exposed skin. When you head indoors to beat the heat and enjoy some A/C, you see house flies zoom to and fro—even when you were extra careful not to let any in. Why are there more bugs in the summer? There are a couple of key reasons. 

Some Bugs Come Alive in Summer

Just like us, bugs tend to be more active when the weather warms. Typically, pests retreat to safer territory during the crisp climate of fall and freezing temps of winter. Fall and winter also mark the middle or end of the mating season for many. As the temperatures increase, pests start to increase their activity, returning in search of food and potential mates to make the next generation. 

We Incentivize More Bugs in the Summer

Pests constantly look for food sources. Summer offers plenty of chances for it—from us. 

We mirror pests in that we typically do more things outdoors in the heat of the summer months. We gather together for cookouts and family reunions, spend lunch at a picnic, set off on a vacation or beach day, and more. All these outdoor activities usually involve food—and lots of it. 

While this isn’t necessarily a problem in itself, what’s leftover can be. Unattended scraps and left-out garbage can be magnets for summer pests, drawing them to your location.

As mentioned, pests are on the constant hunt for food. Giving them a plentiful food source that’s at the ready is like an open invitation. Being clean and tidy should always be a top priority, especially in regards to pest prevention. During summer, it’s even more essential. The season’s heat causes food to spoil faster, emitting an odor that draws bugs in. 

Contact Vulcan Termite & Pest Control

Certain kinds of summer bugs cause more grief than others. Mosquitoes and termites almost immediately come to mind. Mosquitoes carry the risk of virus and disease and can easily transmit them through their jabs. Termites wreak havoc on homes through the targeting, consumption, and destruction of supporting wood structures. 

For mosquitoes, have mosquito repellant on hand when outdoors. You can also invest in insect-repellent torches or other similar measures. For termites, phone the professionals at Vulcan Termite & Pest Control. We specialize in keeping your home safe from critters who would do more harm than good. Book an appointment with us today, and return to our blog for more pest-related practicalities.