Pest Control Home Resolutions for the New Year

Pest Control Home Resolutions for the New Year

The health and comfort of our homes is a top priority. It’s no surprise that when the New Year roles around homeowners start putting together their residential resolutions. If you’ve noticed a few bugs that are resolved to live in your home this post is for you. We’re turning the seven most common New Year’s resolutions into a bug zapping to-do list.

Clear Out the Insect Attracting Clutter (Lose Weight)

Clutter is a welcome sight for insects. Creepy-crawlies like brown recluses and bed bugs purposely seek out cluttered spots where they can live without being noticed. Extra stuff that sits around gathering dust just gives insects more places to hide. Clearing it out will take away their safe havens and make your rooms look larger. You can also make a little extra cash for your other projects by having a garage sale.

(Get Organized) With Your Pest Control Treatments

If you want to get serious about controlling the bug population around your home it’s time to consider regularly scheduled pest control treatments. A local exterminator can help you create a custom pest control treatment plan that is managed monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

(Spend Less, Save More) on Your Pest Control

Buying in bulk usually leads to better deals, and pest control is no exception. By signing up for a regular service you have a better chance of lowering the cost of each treatment. Plus, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular pest control treatments not only prevent problems before they happen, issues can also be caught early to minimize damage and expenses.

(Enjoy Life to the Fullest) in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

A project that is definitely worth the investment in areas like Alabama is screening in a porch. You can enjoy the outdoors without being completely in the elements or dealing with pesky mosquitoes and flies.

(Staying Fit and Healthy) Indoors

Indoor air quality isn’t as good as many people think. In fact, the EPA estimates that the air indoors is 2-100 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is partly because dead bug bodies and bug droppings are clogging up the filtration system. There are a number of ways you can clean up the air in your home, but the best place to start is cleaning the ducts out and changing the air filters once every two months.

(Learn Something Exciting) About Your Local Environment

The more you know about the micro ecosystem around your home the better you can protect it against insect invasions. Something as simple as a small pond can completely change the environment and breeding conditions of insects. Start by studying your own yard. Look up each plant, and pay close attention to the types of bugs they attract.

Fill in Air Leaks Around Your Home (Quit Smoking)

Air going in and out of your home can cost you hundreds in wasted energy, but it also indicates that there are cracks and crevices bugs can get through. Taking care of the problem only costs about $10 for a few containers of caulk. Focus on areas around the front doors and windows. The light at the front entrance tends to attract pests. Next, reseal around the other doors and windows. Sometimes you’ll be able to see light coming through, but anytime windows or doors rattle that’s an indication that they aren’t airtight. Finally look around areas where two materials meet such as a water faucet on an exterior wall or where the siding butts up against the foundation.

At Vulcan Termite and Pest Control Inc. we’re helping Alabama home and business owners keep their New Years resolutions. Give us a call to discuss your goals for the coming year and how we can help you create a custom treatment plan.

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