Pests During Autumn: How They Like to Behave

pests during autumn

Just like with anything in the natural world, the seasons affect pests and the way they like to behave. Knowing what to expect from pests during autumn is the best defense against them! Keep reading for some more information on how some of the most common bugs’ behavior will change as the weather starts to cool off. 

Pests During Autumn—What Changes?

While spring and summer might seem like the worst times of the year when it comes to pests, autumn presents unique pest problems. While they’re reproducing and remain active during the warmer months, you might actually notice more pests in your home during the fall. 

This is because when the temperatures start to drop, insects and rodents will start preparing for winter—and that means looking for a warm, safe place to hibernate. You might start to see more spiders, lady bugs, and other bugs inside your home. Rats and mice will also be looking for a place to lay low for the winter, and unfortunately your house has everything they’re looking for: shelter, warmth, and food. 

Before autumn rolls around, it’s a good idea to check your home for cracks or holes, replace the weather stripping around doors and windows, and take care of any holes in your roof. 

Pests to Be On the Lookout For

There are some pests (like mosquitoes) that you won’t see much of once the weather gets cooler, but a lot of them you should keep an eye out for!


While other pests are seeking warmth and shelter inside your home, spiders were probably already inside your home—but now they’re coming out to mate and lay eggs. If you’re seeing more spiders than usual, it’s time to act! You won’t want their families reemerging next spring. 

Stinging Insects

You might notice more wasps around your fall outdoor activities—that’s because a lot of their natural food sources are gone, and they’re looking to steal from you! They’re also trying to prepare for their queen to have a nice, peaceful winter. 

Stink Bugs

These are some of the bugs seeking shelter for the winter! And your home is very inviting to them. The tricky part with stink bugs? They’re stinky! Whenever they feel threatened, they release an odor to protect themselves. In addition to the smelly odor, this defense mechanism can attract other stink bugs. Don’t worry too much about these bugs—they’re more of a nuisance than a danger. 

Keep Your Home Pest-Free this Autumn & Winter

Keeping annoying (and sometimes harmful) pests out of your home is all about prevention. And unfortunately in Alabama that’s a year-round job! Vulcan Termite has the means and the expertise to tackle all kinds of pests, from mosquitoes and termites to ants and mice. Get in touch with us today to take care of your pest problems!