What Impact Do Weather Conditions Have On Insects?


Here in Alabama, we’re all too familiar with unpredictable, ever-changing weather conditions. One day it’s freezing outside, and the next day, it’s sunny and humid! So, how do these drastic weather changes impact the insects we deal with in the South? Keep reading for some expert insect insight!

How Different Weather Affects Insects

Like lizards, insects are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they can’t produce their own body heat as we can. For the same reason that lizards sun themselves to get warm, insects must find ways to survive in whatever weather they encounter.

Cold Weather

Most people know that bugs “go away” during the winter months–but have you ever stopped to wonder what actually happens to them? A lot of different things! Different insects have unique methods of dealing with plummeting temperatures. 

Some migrate like birds, some hibernate like bears, and others seek shelter inside your toasty home.

Check out our blog post for more specific information on what insects do during the winter.

Hot Weather

With warmer weather comes more and more insects! Migrating insects return, hibernating insects wake up, and insects inside your home can safely make their way outside again. Spring and summer are when insects rapidly reproduce, which is why you see so many more during the hot months!

While you might expect fewer insects inside your home, that won’t necessarily happen. With higher reproduction rates, more energy, and overall activity, insects typically need to eat more than usual during the summer. So, while it’s safe and comfortable for them outside, they might make their way inside in search of food and water.

Wet Weather

We see no shortage of rain during spring and summer here, and unfortunately, some insects love wet conditions. 

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, stink bugs, and even termites thrive in moist conditions. You’ll no doubt see more of these bugs after heavy rainfall! You’ll especially see more mosquitoes (they lay their eggs in standing water).

To help reduce the number of mosquitoes you see, make sure your outdoor trash cans are closed before the rain comes and empty buckets, bird baths, toys, etc. that can catch water.

Some insects don’t like wet weather, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you won’t see them! For example, spiders and ants might turn to your home for shelter to avoid rain and flooding. 

Have a Pest Problem? We Can Help!

With our milder winters, investing in pest control all year round is best. But if you haven’t yet, now’s the time! Spring and summer are when insects are most active and are reproducing at their fastest rates.

Give Vulcan Termite & Pest Control today, and look forward to pest-free warm weather!