Garden Pest Control

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment


Your apartment is a safe space, a haven to get away from the day and whatever took place. It’s where you wind down, relax, and rest your body and mind. Simply put, it’s where you live. However, it can also become home to free-riding roommates in the form of roaches. The close quarters of apartments…

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Bugs That Are Actually Good for Your Garden

bugs that are good for your garden

Would you believe us if we said not all bugs are bad? No really, it’s true! In fact, there are bugs that are good for your garden. Yes, you heard us right—some of those busy bugs who buzz about are actually doing your backyard and garden some favors. We’d say reintroductions are in order, wouldn’t…

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Make Sure You Keep These Spring Pests Out of Your Garden

spring pests

It’s that time of year again when homeowners head outside and set out for another year of battle with their yard and garden. Before you get to planting, you should know a few bugs to be on the lookout for. Certain spring pests are known to be detrimental to a garden’s success.  Grasshoppers  Grasshoppers are…

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Watch Out for These Biting Bugs!

biting bugs

During these chilly months, it’s more likely that you’ll see a few extra creepy-crawly pests inside your home. While most of these bugs are benevolent by nature, some do bite and others are poisonous. Use this guide to look out for these biting bugs that can invade your home.  Assaulting Ants  Out of the 170…

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Are Termites Still a Concern in Winter?


Many homeowners are lulled into the false sense of security of thinking that they’re safe from termite infestations during the colder months, even in the more buggy southeastern states. The truth is that not all insects hibernate or die off in the winter—in fact, many have strong survival strategies for enduring the cold. Here’s what…

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Jumping in Leaf Piles? Watch Out for Bugs!

bugs in leaves

You’ve worked all day raking leaf piles to spruce up the yard. Just as you finish, you see your kids on the sidelines, ready to make a run for one. And why not? It’s all fun and games, right? Not so fast. Take a closer look at your leaf pile. What’s lurking beneath the fluffy…

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House Flies and Fruit Flies: What’s the Difference?

house flies

When you have a fly buzzing around your home, disturbing your peace, you don’t care what kind of fly it is—you just want it gone. A fly in your home once in a while isn’t a particular concern, (they often fly in through the window sometimes.) But incessant buzzing in the kitchen or throughout your…

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Maintain Your Hummingbird Feeders with These Tips

hummingbird feeder

Few things are as majestic as fluttering, jewel-colored hummingbirds. These dazzling pint-sized birds are fascinating to watch as they hover precariously above flowers in search of nectar. In addition to petaled flowers, another common food source that attracts hummingbirds is a manmade hummingbird feeder.  If your yard doesn’t have space for a garden of flowers,…

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Controlling Garden Pests This Summer

garden pests

Just as your garden is boasting a fresh array of leafy vegetables and shiny red tomatoes, you notice black spots on the leaves. Or maybe your leaves start resembling green Swiss cheese, with holes on every surface. Garden pests are no joke! And we’re willing to bet they’re every gardener’s worst nightmare. Some pests can…

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What Are Catalpa Worms?

catalpa worms

Alabama has a booming bug population that includes thousands of creepy crawlers! Some of them are commonly known, like Brown Recluse Spiders, while others are completely unknown to the general population. One bug that many locals have seen before, but know little about, is the catalpa worm—which surprisingly isn’t a worm at all. Today, we’re…

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