Are Ladybugs Good for Your Garden?


Have you ever wondered why so many people say ladybugs are good luck? We were curious too and took the liberty of doing a little research so that you didn’t have to! 

Story Time

Long ago—during the Middle Ages to be exact—insects and pests were completely destroying crops. The farmers prayed and prayed and prayed but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, a reddish-orange, black-spotted flying beetle showed up, ate the unwanted pests, and saved the crops. The unknown bug at the time became the hero of the agricultural industry. 

Once the farmers saw that these little bugs were helping, they began calling them “the Beetles of our Lady” (referring to the Virgin Mary). The name soon evolved to “Lady Beetles” and to what we know them as today, “Ladybugs.” 

Ladybugs in the U.S.

Now, hundreds of years later, there are approximately 500 species of ladybugs in the U.S. that all range in colors from red, orange, and pink, to gray, brown, and black! 

These nomad creatures travel from gardens to trees to find food and shelter, yet when the weather turns cold, many ladybugs travel into the warmth of your home. Unfortunately, they love to crawl into cracks and crevices, so we suggest installing a mesh screen over any questionable area. 

It’s important to note that ladybugs are pests that are more beneficial alive than not, so try hard to not harm our little friend! 

Benefits of the Ladybug

What truly makes ladybugs so beneficial? Here are a few benefits we’ve found: 

#1: Pollinators, Like Bees?

Surprisingly, yes! Ladybugs are great pollinators. They travel from garden to garden and tree to tree to gather food, which includes pollen and nectar. Along the way, they fertilize the flowers as they go! 

#2: Hungry Mite Killers

Small, often microscopic mites can invade your home without you even noticing. The smell of the mite attracts the ladybug and they automatically start eating. They are hungry little creatures.

Did you know that one ladybug can eat up to 100 mites a day?! 

#3: Easy on the Eyes

Along with the incredible benefits they can do for you, ladybugs are quite beautiful. Their vibrant color and delicate wings add a unique glimmer of beauty to your garden. 

Want Them in Your Garden?

You can actually buy a ladybug colony for your garden online or at your local nursery! But do note that buying them doesn’t guarantee that they will like any of the food in your garden, that’s why attracting them naturally is the best way. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Grow flowers and herbs that have white and yellow blooms along with flat leaves. A flat-leaf shape is a perfect place for ladybugs to rest their wings and land for a bit pollinating as it goes. 

Here is a list of flowers that attract ladybugs: marigolds, chives, dill, angelica, yarrow, and feverfew. 

Last, But Not Least

Our hope is to encourage you to be kind to the ladybugs that live in and around your home. Don’t want them in your home? No worries! Call us to carefully remove them, and we will take good care of them.