Good Garden Insects You Want to Have Around

garden insects

If you have a green thumb, then what we are about to say may not be a surprise to you. Some bugs are actually good for your garden and yard! 

There are many garden insects that are often lumped into the bug category which are to be considered as good. Take a look at the insects that you want in your yard: 


There are hundreds of species of beetles that are predators in nature. Rather than eating your plants, there are a few species of beetles that feed on insects that hurt your garden! Make sure you welcome these predator species into your garden or yard: soldier, tiger, ladybird, and ground.


All bees are pollinators, which is one of the main reasons that seed, nut, berry, fruit, and other plants continue to grow and harvest each year. We need to protect bees at all costs because, without them, there would be no plants! 


Butterflies and moths are not only beautiful, but they are also pollinators! Because of this, caterpillars are necessary to keep around. Additionally, caterpillars attract birds. Did you know that over 95% of all backyard birds rely on caterpillars alone to feed their offspring? Attracting more caterpillars—ultimately, butterflies and moths—also means more birds! It’s a win-win! Just be sure to use netting around any berries or tomatoes that you don’t want birds eating before you do.


Oftentimes, dragonflies play the double-edged sword. How? Well, in their adult phase they feed on insects like mosquitos, flies, and gnats while their larvae feed on pests closer to the dirt. The nature of dragonflies not only brings so much beauty to any garden, but also helps prevent unwanted garden pests. 

Hey! Look Out!

It’s important for us to be honest with you about some pests that you do not want in your garden. Which ones? Here are three to look out for: 

  1. Mosquitoes: They often hang out in clogged gutters that create a buildup of stagnant water.
  2. Fire Ants: This specific kind of ant leaves a terribly painful and fiery sting, so avoid them at all costs.
  3. Ticks: These spread diseases and infest places like socks, tall grass, and more! 

Gardeners Unite!

If you want to invite these garden pests to your garden, then contact us today! We can supply you with a few of each to grow your collection. Additionally, we can get rid of the three most troublesome pests with our various solutions. Learn more about it by visiting our website