Important Yard Work That Prevents Pests in Alabama

Important Yard Work That Prevents Pests in Alabama

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the pesticide world maintenance is the prevention for yard pests (some of which will come inside once it gets colder).

There are many ways to control autumn insects in Alabama through yard work. Keep reading to see our top tips for fall yard maintenance.

Plant Fall Flowers

There are a number of flowers that can help gardens stay healthy by blooming in the fall. Aster, sweet alyssum, black-eye Susans and goldenrods all attract good garden insects during the fall. Plant them around your garden to attract beneficial bumblebees, green lacewings, and syphrid flies.

BONUS: The flowers will add color and may attract the migrating monarchs.

Rake the Yard

Fallen leaves and other debris that collects on the lawn can become a safe haven for pests that are looking for shelter. It can also trap moisture and cause fungal and mold growth.

Once the ground gets descent coverage, rake the leaves into a pile, but don’t throw them out. They can be used as mulch in your garden beds where they’ll do some good. You can also choose to mow over the leaves so that the pieces get dispersed into the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

Remove Stumps

Consider everything outside to be a bunker for bugs during the winter. Insects are happy to get a crevice under a rock, so imagine what a palace a stump would be. Termites are particularly fond of dead tree stumps. All the most reason to remove them root and all.

Remove Fallen Branches and Dead Limbs

While you’ve got the saws-all out, go ahead and get rid of all fallen branches and dead limbs.

Remove Debris

Debris can provide shelter for fall insects as well. Things like tires and pots can also collect enough water for mosquitoes to lay the last of their eggs.

Clear Out the Webs

Fall webworms can be found all over the south during the autumn. You’ll know the larvae are around because they build sizable webs at the end of tree branches. Behind those webs they’re munching away on the foliage of your trees. It’s in your trees’ best interest to clear out those webs and run off as many fall webworms as possible.

If all those measures still don’t keep pests out of your yard or home, Vulcan Termite and Pest Control Inc. can help. One of our professional Alabama exterminators will do an on-site evaluation before creating a custom pest control treatment plan.

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