That Smell

Anyone who loves classic southern rock, when they hear those two words the first thing that pops into their minds is a song that came from an old Lynyrd Skynyrd tune. A portion of the lyrics are:

Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell

Frankly, this article has something that slightly reminds Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. of another thing that smells. And it’s not the whiff from a skunk. It comes from those darned stink bugs.

Stink Bug Nose

2013 – A Banner Year

Don’t take our word for it. This was published earlier this year by a Virginia TV station:

“University of Maryland entomology professor Michael Raupp says the stink bug population could soar this spring and summer – much like it did in 2010.”

“Some people are afraid of the stink bugs, but I kind of consider them to be the Abbott and Costello of the insect world,” Raupp says. “They kind of bumble around. They bump into things. They fall down. They’re not going to bite you or your children.”

“What we’re most concerned with is the impact this will have on our farmers.”

So, how do you fend off this comedy team of real stinkers?

The Ways to Make Them Disappear

Basically, you want to make your home and gardens an undesirable place for these benign creatures. Our favorite is just to scoop them up on a piece of cardboard and flush ’em down the crapper. But there are other ways, to get rid of all of them according to the University of Maryland:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the bugs.
  • Cut the top of a half gallon or gallon jug, fill it with soapy water and use a piece of cardboard or a napkin to whisk the bugs into the water, which will drown them.
  • Seal up cracks around windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping.
  • Take out window-unit air conditioners; stink bugs can easily get through these.
  • Plant or move fruit trees and vegetable gardens, especially tomato plants, away from your home to prevent stink bugs from landing on the exterior of your home.
  • Squish stink bugs outdoors–the odor warns other stink bugs to flee.
  • Hang a stink bug trap outside your house to catch them.
  • Hang a damp towel outside your home overnight. In the morning, stink bugs will blanket the towel, and you can use a vacuum or knock them into a jug of soapy water to kill them.
  • Although most insecticides are ineffective against stink bugs, some do work, but the stink bug name must be listed clearly on the label. Insecticides are never to be used indoors.
  • Check your attic for holes or gaps and close them up. Stink bugs often enter through attics.

The guy we quoted above is known at the UMD Bug Guy. To find out more, Mike has a video on YouTube.

Check it out!

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