What Are the Bugs that Get in Flour?

weevils in a bag of flour

Weevils are notorious for being the bugs that get in flour. To the naked eye, weevils moving in a bag of flour can look like buzzing grains of rice because of how tiny they are.

Are you having trouble with bugs in flour? Find helpful weevil advice from our experts in integrative pest management below!

Signs of Flour Bugs (Weevils)

Even though weevils are tiny and sometimes hard to spot, they can leave behind signs when they are around.

  1. Have you seen cobwebs on the floor? They might not be cobwebs but overlapping trails of the yeasty, viscous secretions that larvae leave behind when crawling.
  2. Watch out for weevil larvae in foods like rice. They look like little grubs. Gross!
  3. If you notice a funky, unfamiliar smell or flavor when eating dry foods from the pantry, it could be full of weevil waste (poop, molts, etc.).

What If I Eat Flour Bugs on Accident?

Due to their small size, a few imago (adult) weevils, eggs, or larvae in a bag of flour can end up in the bread you bake and eat—without you even noticing. 

Accidentally consuming weevils hiding in your flour won’t hurt you; thankfully, they’re not poisonous. In fact, some southeastern Asian countries will even farm and eat weevils as a source of protein!

However, you should always avoid using the flour in your kitchen if you notice it contains a hotbed of moving weevils and immediately throw it away. Don’t try to get rid of the weevils you see, and try and save the flour; the whole thing might be contaminated with weevil feces, eggs, and carcasses.

After you throw away contaminated flour, check other groceries in the cabinet. Throw away anything you find weevils in, wipe down the counters, and change how you store your flour.


Here’s a weevil up close.

Storage Tips: Flour and Other Foods Weevils Love

Storing your flour in the freezer is the easiest way to keep weevils out. However, if you prefer to store your flour in the cabinet, put it in air-tight containers so weevils can’t get in.

I Store My Food Properly—How Did I Get Flour Bugs?

Believe it or not, weevils can get into your pantry goods long before you buy them from the grocery store. Weevils found on wheat plants used for flour can sometimes make it through milling and other processes, ending up in your home in a bag of flour!

Do Weevils Only Eat Flour?

No, weevils also eat most pantry goods.

A few examples of other foods weevils try to get into include:

  • Rice or dry foods made of rice
  • Any dry goods containing wheat (pasta, cereal, crackers, cookies, croutons, breads, etc.)
  • Nuts, seeds, and legumes

Stopping the Bugs That Get in Flour

Apart from the deep cleaning and proper storage tips above, you can implement a few more natural, safe solutions at home to eliminate and deter weevils.

Plenty of pet-safe and non-toxic insecticide options can be found at your local grocery or convenience store. There are also many DIY recipes available online.

Moreover, you can leave out things that weevils don’t like. After you clean out your cabinets or pantry, sprinkle a mixture of garlic cloves and bay leaves near your last weevil spotting. 

When to Contact an Expert

Although weevils are some of the easiest pests to deal with, there are a few scenarios in which you should call an expert in pest control

Whether you have a full-blown weevil infestation in your home, you don’t have the time to address your weevil problem, or you can’t seem to weed out the weevils in your kitchen, call our experts at Vulcan Termite and Pest Control at 205-663-4200 or contact us online. We have proudly served Alabama families with our integrative pest management since 1965, and we’d be glad to help yours, too.

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