Why You Need Summer Pest Control

In previous posts on our pest blog, we’ve discussed the common types of summer pests, how to prepare for them, and the do’s and don’ts of summer pest prevention. Today, our pest control experts want to share some knowledge about why you need summer pest control. Read on to learn more.

The two most fundamental reasons that you need summer pest control are:

  • We see more pests in the summer
  • Pests can cause harm to your health, safety, and quality of life

Why There Are More Pests in the Summer

We see more pests during summertime than in other seasons because the weather is warmer and summer brings forth the conditions necessary for insects to thrive.

Hot summer days in Alabama and throughout the Southeast will often have you fleeing indoors for the comfort of the A/C. For certain pests, however, summer’s heat creates the perfect environment for breeding and feeding, so they reproduce and multiply rapidly. Additionally, many summer pests have better chances of survival in warmer weather. 

Once it gets colder again, some warm-weather-loving pests, like the mosquito, survive summer after summer in the same areas by hibernating during the winter. Other pests migrate to warmer places or die off from the temperature once colder weather sets in.

Four Reasons You Need Summer Pest Control

Now that you know why summer pests come around, let’s explore the main reasons you shouldn’t let them stick around (and should contact an expert in summer pest control):

#1: Illness and Disease Prevention

Mosquitoes, rodents, and roaches are just a few of the many types of summer pests that can carry diseases which can spread to pets and people. The illness these unwanted guests bring into homes can be life-threatening. 

Although some common household pests don’t carry certain diseases, you don’t know what they’re bringing in. It’s better to be safe than sorry and implement preventative summer pest control instead of putting your family at heightened risk. 

#2: Property Protection

Property predators like termites and some types of beetles will not only devour your home until it takes on significant structural damage: These pests also will likely want a taste of everything stored inside.

If you see termites or signs of termite damage, we highly encourage immediate professional pest control.

#3: Food Safety

If you’ve ever worked in food service, you probably took a test to get a food safety license and learned how pests can easily invade a kitchen and put it out of commission. Health departments do not permit restaurants to serve food that’s been anywhere near rodents, insects, their body fluids, or on things or surfaces they came into contact with.

To prevent food-borne illness caused by pests, give a proper wash to your cooking equipment, serving and dining accessories (bowls, plates, utensils), and fruits and vegetables before using them. It also doesn’t hurt to wash off store-bought cans as they can easily get pest droppings on them during the journey from storage to grocery shelf.

#4: DIY Isn’t Enough: Get Ahead of Pest Problems Now

Often, store-bought and homemade pest control cannot completely eradicate an infestation of pests in your home or garden. Without professional pest control services, any unwelcome guests will likely make many subsequent appearances.

Meet the Experts in Summer Pest Control

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