Apartment Life and Pest Control

Buying a house in America is very time consuming. Down payments when you find the one you like. Securing a mortgage. Carefully scrutinizing the home inspector’s report.

That’s why many people opt for just renting an apartment…. Looking through “For Rent” ads from the local paper or at an online website, you come across something that looks just perfect:

“Two bedroom, two bath, gourmet kitchen, on-site pool and many, many extras!”

Little did you know that the “many, many extras” included a few families of pests. Now you’re faced with having to deal with bugs, mice or some critter that was not invited to move-in with you.

What Kind of Pests?

There are, on average, only a few troublemakers you may find in that apartment as you clean ‘er up. In other words, it’s rare to come across an elephant in the bedroom. But here are the common ones you may run into:

  • Spiders
  • Silverfish and Firebrats
  • Roaches
  • Bedbugs
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Fleas
  • Ants

And every pest requires its own bath of death. One size does not fit all.

Apartment living and eliminating critters requires getting support from the property manager and other tenants that live in places next door as well as above and below your space. In the better complexes, the people who own the building have an Alabama pest control company under contract. If not, refer to the first sentence in this paragraph.

Imagine setting-off a few bug bombs to kill the left-over fleas and accidentally murdering the old guy who lives upstairs. Not a great way to make friends. Especially when they’re dead.

After the Bugs Are Gone

Now that the creatures have been sent to a better place, it’s up-to-you to be proactive. That way you’ll eliminate a reinfestation. Translation: Become an un-slob.

Some tips:

  • Before you move, dump all the crap you have accumulated in the old place or the Pacer. You don’t need a lot of that junk, anyway. By tossing out the unnecessary, the move will be easier and cost you a lot less.
  • Any papers or records that you want to keep, get a secure container and stuff ’em in those thangs.
  • Once you’re unpacked, throw away the cardboard boxes.
  • Storing things under your bed is fine. Just make sure you put all items in a semi-airtight plastic box.
  • Your new kitchen should be lightly cleaned after use.
  • Don’t let dishes sit in the sink. Wash them and stash them in the cabinets every time you use them.
  • Standing water in the sick is a water source for pests. Keep the basins dry.
  • Every week, unplug the toaster, turn it upside-down over the sink and empty the burnt crumbs.
  • Same schedule for the floors. Vacuum or mop to keep things tidy.
  • Buy indoor trash receptacles which have tight-fitting lids.
  • Clutter. Bad. Don’t let anything pile-up.

You’ve completed all of the due diligence. Good dog. Put on the swim suit and go take a dip in the pool. Also, wear sunscreen. Those skin burns are Ma Nature’s way of telling you that you overdid it while chaising around the cement pond.

Original Source: https://www.vulcantermite.com/garden-pest-control/apartment-life-and-pest-control