Bug Prevention While Unboxing for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when the holiday decoration boxes are being pulled down from the attic and fresh linens are being put in the guest bedrooms. Christmas is a lively time of year, especially for the bugs that have been hiding away in undisturbed closets, drawers and boxes.

If you want to keep bugs at bay while preparing your home for the holidays follow the tips below.



Gloves are a Must

We don’t know about you, but bites and bugs crawling on our skin aren’t a part of our holiday to-do list. The one surefire way to keep insects from latching on is with a good pair of gloves. If you already have a pair of gardening gloves, those will work just fine while you open and unpack boxes.

Open Boxes Outdoors

The next worst thing to discovering a holiday box full of bugs is opening them up inside your home. If, say, a group of stink bugs found a wintering spot in your holiday décor box and you unknowingly set them loose, they can wreak havoc all over the place. Take your boxes outside when opening them up so the bugs can be set free outdoors instead.

Give All Linens, Towels and Sleeping Bags a Good Once-Over

While the gloves are on give items that will come in contact with people a good inspection. Bugs like brown recluse spiders will usually only bite when person unknowingly gets too close and makes them feel threatened. Take the items outside and give them a good shake to get rid of anything that may be hiding where you can’t see it.

Look Before You Reach

If you aren’t paying attention, that’s when you get surprised. Rather than blindly reaching into a box, look at what you’re grabbing. You may even want to look everything over and move things around while they are still in the box. That way you’ll see the bug before it sees you.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Insects

Are there droppings/frass around the boxes? What about the bodies of insects that are already dead? Holes burrowed into the box? These are all signs that there could be an insect infestation in your holiday boxes.

Avoid Letting Insects In

Bugs may not already be in your holiday boxes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. When you’re getting everything out for the holidays, unpack your boxes quickly. Don’t leave them unattended or stop in the middle of the job. Getting everything out then closing it up fast is one of the best ways to keep bugs from surprising you when you pack things back up after Christmas.


Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/h_is_for_home/3116301221

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