Bugs on the Menu? Restaurants That Cook Up Insects

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In America we eat some things that could be considered strange, like oysters and crawfish. But even these crustaceans aren’t as controversial at the dinner table as bugs. Cultures all over the world eat insects on a regular basis. However, Americans have been reluctant to work yard critters into their diets.

The act of eating bugs is called entomophagy, and it is catching on in the states. Just a few years ago sushi was a rarity, but now you can find someplace that serves raw fish in almost any decently sized city. There’s a chance that bug-filled meals might be the next exotic delicacy to go mainstream.

Why not? Bugs are healthy sources of protein that are close relatives many of the sea creatures we already eat. National Geographic has promoted the idea, and last year the U.N. called for more bug eating as a way to end world hunger.

According to Wageningen University in the Netherlands over 1,400 bugs are edible. If you want a taste of what our Alabama pest control technicians have been keeping out of kitchens for years consider making a reservation at the “pestaurants” below.

Insect Appetizers

For the first course, head west to Houston’s Hugo Regional Mexican Cuisine. They are serving up chapuline salsa and guacamole. What is chapuline? It’s Spanish for grasshopper. They also have chapuline tacos if you want to have a complete insect eating experience.

Main Course a Praying Mantis Would Love

It should come as no surprise that the culinary frontier of California is a hot spot for insect eating. Both South American and Asian cultures eat insects on a regular basis so it’s easy to find restaurants in Southern California that serve up bugs.

Typhoon is one of the best-known pestaurants in the country because they dish up a variety of insect delicacies. On the menu you will find silkworm pupae, crickets, scorpions and ants. There are so many options Typhoon has included an entire menu section just for entomophagy eaters.

Chocolate Covered Bugs for Dessert

Pairing chocolate with bugs is one of the more common ways that insects are made edible. In Austin, TX Delysia Chocolatier is known for using out-of-the-box ingredients, and two of the company’s latest creations feature bugs. The Cricket Chocolate Bark includes, you guessed it, crickets, and the Chocolate Bug Collection turns crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers into truffles.

Learn to Cook Your Own Bugs

We can help you eliminate bugs with pest control treatments, but why let all those insects go to waste? Learn to serve up your own edible bug creations at New Orleans’ aptly named Bug Appetit restaurant. They hold cooking classes that teach novices how to incorporate mealworms into a meal.

If you’re still squeamish about trying mealworm salsa or cricket chocolate, consider this – red food coloring is often made by using cochineal bugs. Enjoy!

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