Home Remedies for Bug Bite Itching

In the last days of summer we’re getting outside as much as possible to enjoy a little more fun in the sun before the chilly fall weather sets in. There’s just one problem – bugs have the same idea.

Biting and stinging bugs are still active in September across the southeast. They’re using this time to feed and breed, which means skin that’s not protected by bug repellent could become a prime target. At Vulcan Termite and Pest Control Inc. our professional pest control technicians know every trick in the book for relieving itchy, bug bitten skin. Here are seven solutions that are highly effective for a variety of bug bites and stings.

Soothe Itchy Skin With an Oatmeal Bath

If you had chickenpox as a kid you may have used this trick to soothe your itchy skin. An oatmeal bath made with colloidal oatmeal provides temporary overall relief. This type of oatmeal contains chemicals called phenols and avenanthramides that have anti-inflammatory properties. Experts believe this is what makes oatmeal baths effective for poison ivy, chicken pox, bug bites and other itchy situations.

Oatmeal bathes are effective, cheap and safe for people of all ages. You can even make your own oatmeal bath at home for as little as $1.

Milky Water Does Your Body Good

The protein in milk is a well-known skin soother. Skim milk is the best option for this simple itch-relief concoction. Mix equal parts milk and water together. Soak a rag or handkerchief in the milky water, then apply the compress to the effected skin for at least five minutes.
Spread on Authentic Aloe

You probably know aloe as a soothing, cool gel that helps minimize the discomfort of a sunburn. As long as you don’t have an aloe allergy, this plant can instantly improve the health of your skin. For the best results, use a real aloe plant instead of a store bought product. Take an aloe spear, break it in half and rub the gel directly on the skin. Do this several times throughout the day to keep yourself from scratching.

Use Essential Oils

For thousands of years essential oils have been used to protect, heal and preserve the health of skin. There are several essential oils that are used to treat bug bites and stings. Tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint and basil are the top essential oils to try if you’re nursing bug bites. Basil is particularly effective because it contains anti-itch compounds like thymol and camphor.

Apply Ice

One of the simplest solutions for itchy, painful bug bites is ice. The cold helps to reduce inflammation and relieve the sting.

Brew a Few Tea Bags

Applying brewed tea bags to bites and stings shortly after they occur helps minimize itchiness and swelling by drawing fluids out of the wound.

Dab on Raw Honey

Ironically the honey made by bees can help soothe their stings. Honey is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply a dab of honey directly to the bite or sting site to speed up the healing process.

The best solution is to stop the bugs before they have a chance to bite you. Our Central Alabama pest control company has helped control the biting bug population for more than 50 years. Give us a call today to protect yourself before bites and stings occur!

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