Keeping Pests Out of Your Home While You’re Away for Thanksgiving

Going out of town for Thanksgiving? Pests know when there’s no activity at a house it’s theirs for the taking. Here are some recommendations for making sure that you return to a pest-free home.

Use Motion Detector Lights
Bugs are drawn to light, so if you leave the porch light on while you’re away it will become a constant insect hotspot. Instead, use motion detector lights. That way your home is more secure from intruders, including the insect variety.

pest-controlDon’t Leave Trash or Food Out
Bugs and pests don’t pick your house for any old reason. They seek out places that have a nice food source. One whiff of food or trash and they’ll find a way inside your home while you’re gone for the holidays. Collect all the trash and get it off your property the day that you head out. If this isn’t your regular trash day, load it up and bring it to the nearest dumpster.

Likewise, don’t leave food out on counters, tabletops, candy dishes or other surfaces. Even open food in the pantry is a big no-no. Put everything in airtight containers or packed away in the fridge.

Clean Up the Crumbs
Give your home a good cleaning before you go on vacation. Bugs are super tiny, so even the smallest crumbs can be a good-sized snack. Wipe off countertops and tabletops, then vacuum all the floor surfaces. If you like to veg out in front of the TV, vacuum your couches and chairs as well.

While you’re at it, wash all the dishes that are in the sink or dishwasher. The food residue on dirty plates can attract rodents and bugs alike.

Fix That Leaky Faucet
Moisture is another thing that attracts pests. Just like humans, many pests need a water supply to stay alive. If you have a leaky faucet, fix it before you leave. If you have a dirty pot soaking in the sink, clean it out. Look for any water spots that may have popped up during a recent rain and will gather water again.

If you’re going to be gone more than a day or two, you may want to consider turning off your water supply all together. This will also keep your house from flooding in the event you have a pipe burst while you’re away.

Close the Sink and Tub Drains
You’ve probably seen a creepy-crawly or two around your drain from time to time. Drain worms, drain flies and ants can live in or creep up piping. Closing off the drains will at least keep them contained and not give them access to the rest of the house.

Spray to Keep Bugs Away
If rodents or bugs do get in your home, you can discourage them from sticking around with traps and sprays. Spray a long-lasting insecticide that’s safe for indoor use around baseboards, under the oven and under the fridge. You can also put out insect traps and chemical mouse deterrents in the kitchen and garage.

Regular pest control treatments from a professional can go a long way in controlling the pest population around your house. Schedule a service right before you leave and the exterior of your home will be protected the entire time you’re on your Thanksgiving vacation.


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