How Noseeums Are Connected to Your Deck


If you’ve lived through a summer in Alabama you’re sure to have come across a cloud of no-see-ums. On their own they are hard to spot, but these miniscule biting insects can get together and really bug you. They are like miniature mosquitoes, but they are small enough to get through screens, which can make them even more annoying.

Learn why no-see-ums come around in summer so you can get these tiny bloodsuckers under control.

No-See-Ums in the Summer

The summer months are when no-see-ums come out in full force. Like everyone else they enjoy the outdoors but not the summer heat. This is why they are most active in the early morning and late afternoon when things have cooled off.

During the warm months of early summer, no-see-ums are actively breeding. This is when you’re most likely to get bitten by the females because they need blood to nourish their eggs. Yes, unfortunately humans are part of the reason why there are so many no-see-ums in the summer. Eggs hatch in as few as three days, meaning every time you swat a no-see-um there is another one that will soon take its place.

Luckily no-see-ums don’t spread diseases, but they are insistent biters. The problem is worse towards the beginning of summer when adults first emerge. The best way to avoid getting bitten is to wear protective clothing and DEET bug spray that wards off mosquitoes.

Like mosquitoes, no-see-ums generally prefer moist areas around ponds, streams and even air conditioners. They can also be found around moist soil that’s recently been disturbed.

So What Do No-See-Ums Have to Do With Your Deck?

No-see-ums swarming around your deck is a sign it may be time to replace, repair or repaint. As mentioned above, no-see-ums are attracted to moisture. Seeing them around your deck could mean that you have improper drains or wood that is rotting.

Give your deck a thorough inspection, particularly in the areas that you have spotted no-see-ums. When you find a spot that is damp, use a screwdriver to put pressure on the plank. If it gives way easily it’s rotten and will need to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to repaint or reseal your deck to prevent moisture from penetrating the rest of the wood. Bonus – this also helps protect against termites.

Another way to dissuade no-see-ums from hovering around your deck is to keep it squeaky clean. If you don’t mind the aroma, use a pine oil cleaner because no-see-ums hate the smell.

If no-see-ums are really starting to bug you or you need mosquito pest control call Vulcan Termite & Pest Control, Inc. We can put together a custom treatment plan based on all the insects around your home and yard.

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