Your Pest-Free Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts That Keep on Giving

pest-free holiday

When we’re young, our Christmas lists are usually full of things like puppies, ponies, and the latest toys on the market. But when we get older, our lists contain things that are a little more practical! And let’s be honest, it’s still magical. 

Here are some great gift ideas for the practical people in your life! 

Home Gifts for a Pest-Free Holiday

No one likes pests in their home, but sometimes they’re hard to avoid without taking preventive steps. There are some great gifts you can get people that can help deter pests all year long!

A Good Vacuum

The vacuum is one of the most important tools in a pest control arsenal. Not only do they keep things cleaner, attracting fewer pests, but they can also be used to remove small pests like fleas. There are a lot of great vacuum options out there, so just get the best you can within your budget! Whether it’s a full-on vacuum or a handheld vacuum for tight spaces, it’ll go a long way in helping your friend or family member’s home stay pest-free. 

Window or Door Screens

If someone close to you has a great patio or backyard, but mosquitoes seem to always be crashing the party, have a screen door installed! This is also great for windows if this person likes to leave their windows open. This is an especially good gift for the South, since we have a lot of bugs in the summer. 

A Trashcan Upgrade

Sure, they’re just trash cans—but not all trash cans are created equal! If your pal is using a barebones bin with no lid, they’re unknowingly attracting all sorts of pests to their garbage. Get one that seals tightly when it’s not being used. Looking for a little more luxury? Opt for one with a sensor! They’ll be able to scrape dishes and toss trash with a wave of their hand. 

A Bug Catcher

No matter how clean someone is, they’re bound to encounter the occasional unwanted house guest. And when that happens, why not give them an easier way to trap them? There aren’t a lot of things more stressful than trying to trap a scary spider with a cup on the wall. A bug catcher allows you to safely capture the critter from a safe distance and transport it outside. 

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products might sound like a boring gift, but they’re essential to a clean home and something not everyone wants to buy for themselves. Shop for all the basics they need to keep things clean and pest-free, and put them together in a cute gift basket! It’ll make the perfect gift, especially if the receiver just moved, just bought a home, just got married, etc. 

Need More than a Gift for a Pest-Free Holiday?

Sometimes a bug catcher just won’t cut it! If you’re dealing with a serious pest infestation, it’s time to take action. Vulcan Termite & Pest Control is equipped to safely and effectively provide pest control, and we’re ready to serve you! Get in touch with us today to get started.