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Your Checklist for Winter Pest Control Around the Home

rodent laying on a rug in front of a fireplace

We’ve been answering many questions about winter pest control this year to give our professional advice on the solutions you can try at home. Here and now, we’re compiling them into a master list of our best ones with a few new recommendations, too.  At the end, you’ll find a checklist to keep track of…

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Why Is It So Hard to Swat a Fly?

Frustrated man holding a fly swatter

Ever wonder: why is it so hard to swat a fly? It is already annoying to have your day disrupted by a pesky house fly suddenly whizzing by, hovering around your space, and often trying to fly right into your face! Even worse, when you try to smack the little nuisance with a fly swatter,…

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How to Prevent Rodent Infestation

mouse sitting on messy countertop

  Rodent problems in the home are widespread. A few years ago, the U.S. Census Bureau disclosed that almost 15 million American families reported seeing rodents in their homes. A rodent sighting could indicate that you have a severe rodent infestation in your home or on your property.  Before you panic, know that a rodent…

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What Do Insects Eat?

close up of roach eating food left out

Whether you’re an entomology hobbyist, just curious, or you’ve got a particular bug that’s an unwelcome house guest and refuses to leave—you might have this question: What do insects eat? Since there are so many types of insects, there are multiple types of insect diets. Some species of insects have very specific food preferences, while…

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What Thanksgiving Dish Would Pests Most Enjoy?

mouse crawling on a metal pot filled with fall foods

As we’re counting down the days to Thanksgiving, we’re looking forward to the feasts and quality time we’re soon to share with family and friends. Still, as experts in pest control, we can’t help but think how the savory dishes at Thanksgiving dinner could attract unwanted pests into the home.  The idea of Thanksgiving pests…

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What Attracts Ants to Take Over Your Kitchen

ants crawling up spoon of sugar in the kitchen

  You probably thought the ants swarming in your kitchen would eventually disappear after summer ended, but now that it’s almost Halloween, you might feel worried to see ants still milling around. Although ants living outside do have a period of dormant overwintering, an infestation of ants already existing inside your warm, dry home—with all…

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What Are Social Insects?

close up of termites eating wood

Each species in the animal kingdom can be categorized by the innate capability of their individual organisms to interact with one another or those from other species. This characteristic is known as a species’s sociality.  Learn more about the different types of animal sociality as we continue to answer the common question: “What are social…

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Can Household Pets Help Deal with Pests?

cat looking over counter at a rodent

Can Pets Help with Pests? You likely know that dogs and cats have a natural instinct to chase after rodents and certain insects, but have you ever thought about how this tendency can have a significant impact on the number of pests on your property? A lot of traditional methods for pest control involve chemicals…

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What to Do About Summer Bugs In Your Home

person cleaning the kitchen sink

There are many reasons to love living in Alabama’s warm weather, but dealing with summer bugs in the house in August? That’s not one of them. Unfortunately, Alabama’s extended periods of humid, stagnant heat make this state a place where pests love to be as long as possible since most are cold-blooded and find warm,…

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Can a Bug Bomb Help My Pest Situation?

person holding a bug bomb

You’ve tried all of our at-home tips for preventing pests, like keeping your kitchen free of things they love, including standing water in the sink and uncovered food left out on the counter. Nevertheless, the pests you’ve been fighting off won’t disappear. Trust us; we understand the frustration this can cause. We understand the hesitation…

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