5 Ways to Celebrate Summer (Without Biting Bugs)

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It may have felt like summer a month ago, but June 21st is Summer Solstice, the official start to summer. We’re getting geared up for tons of fun in the sun, which includes getting insects under control and taking a few extra precautions.

Here are some of our top tips on how to keep bugs away from the party depending on how you plan to celebrate this summer.

Splash Around at a Pool Party

There’s no better way to celebrate summer than a pool party. Although most bugs aren’t avid swimmers, insects can still create a black cloud over the pool. The insect to watch out for during a pool party is horse flies.

In Alabama, the large black horse fly has ruined many pool parties by preying on swimmers. They buzz overhead waiting for enough flesh to come out of the water, and then they bite. In addition to being extremely annoying, a horse fly’s bite can be very painful.

Horse flies are found around pools because they lay their eggs in water. To get rid of horse flies before a pool party:

  • Clean up around the area. Like other fly species, horse flies are attracted to garbage and food.
  • Next, seal up the garbage cans real good and move them as far away from the pool as possible.
  • Hang sticky traps and bug zappers near the pool area before guests arrive. Keep them high enough so people won’t walk into them.
  • Make it a rule that no food is eaten around the pool and all beverages have a lid.

Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset

Summer sunsets are simply spectacular. At the end of a long day you can kick back and watch Mother Nature in all her splendor. Until insects ruin the experience.

Mosquitoes are the biggest problem at sunset. This is the time of day when mosquitoes are the most active and looking for an easy meal. If you have a beautiful view that you want to take advantage of, professional mosquito control can help. The key is to get rid of any standing water and kill off mosquitoes in all stages of their life cycle. 

Have a Family Picnic

Family picnics are a time-honored summer tradition. For decades families have found a shady spot on the grass, rolled out a blanket and noshed on finger foods while lazily taking in the scenery. At least for the first few minutes.

While you’re getting everything set up ants are already moving in. They have an uncanny antenna that can sniff out the most minuscule of food smells. Ant colonies also send out scouts to search for food, grab a piece and bring it back to the colony, leaving a chemical trail as they go. If the ants like the food sample they’ll follow the trail back to the source. That’s why ants suddenly show up to the picnic all at once.

Always try to keep eating off the ground where it’s harder for ants to find the food. If a picnic table is available, grab it. It could also be a good idea to seek out a spot that isn’t heavily used. Those spots may already be connected to chemical trails that end at an anthill.

When you pack up your picnic bring along a few additional supplies:

  • Cups with lids
  • Garbage bags
  • Cooler
  • Bug spray
  • Insecticide that works on ants

If you see a lone ant scurrying around, squash it. Most people think it’s just one ant so there’s no reason to kill it. But remember, that one ant is a scout that’s about the invite the whole colony to your summer picnic.

Throw a Neighborhood BBQ

Insects can be equally pesky at a backyard BBQ. You could be dealing with ants, bees, flies, gnats and mosquitoes all at once. Keeping a BBQ bug-free is a major feat that your guests will fully appreciate. However, it takes a group effort.

Check out this article for tips on throwing a bug-free BBQ.

Read a Book Outdoors

There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a glass of tea while reading a good book out on a deck or under a tree. Since this peaceful activity doesn’t involve eating you’re less likely to run into insects that are foraging. However, one of summer’s biggest pests can be a big distraction.

We’re talking about gnats. Whether there’s one annoying gnat or an entire cloud swarming around, these teeny tiny bugs make reading outdoors more difficult. Gnats are in abundance during the summer in areas where there’s ample moisture and temperatures over 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This cousin of the mosquito doesn’t bite, but it does like to buzz around faces and fly in mouths.

In addition to picking a reading spot that’s nowhere near moisture, it’s best to avoid reading outdoors at dusk. This is when gnats are most active. Also, be careful not to over water your yard and fix any drainage issues to prevent gnat infestations.

Celebrate the summer outdoors without having worry about insects. Call Vulcan Termite and Pest Control Inc. to discover how custom pest control treatments can keep your family protected all summer long.

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