8 Reasons Fleas Should be Taken Seriously


Though they’re small in nature and may seem harmless, fleas can actually create a lot of problems for you and your family. If you see fleas in your home, you need to act fast. 

#1: They’ll Make Your Pet Their Home 

Most flea infestations happen due to a dog, cat, or other four-legged friend tracking them inside. Fleas in your yard or around your home use their powerful legs to jump onto your pet and begin feeding off of their blood. 

If your pet has fleas, you may notice them scratching themselves more. This scratching can lead to wounds and scabs which can become infected easily. 

#2: Fleas Create Internal Infections For Your Pets 

If your pet ingests a flea, they are likely to develop tapeworms. This tapeworm will grow inside your pet and lead to several nagging symptoms. While tapeworms are easily treated by a veterinarian, they need to be taken care of quickly. 

#3: Fleas Repopulate At Immense Rates 

The life cycle of a flea is typically around 100 days. However, during these hundred days, fleas tend to produce somewhere around 500 eggs. This is what makes eliminating an infestation so difficult. The fleas that come into your home from your pet begin to spread like wildfire because of their speedy repopulation rates. In order to stop an infestation, you have to interrupt their lifecycle. 

#4: They’re Hard to See and Move Quickly 

On average, fleas are ⅙ to ⅛ of an inch in length. Their small stature makes them difficult to spot around your home or on your pet. 

Despite being so small, they are capable of a vertical leap up to seven inches. Their leaping ability allows them to jump from host to host with ease. 

#5: Fleas Adapt to The Weather 

The climate you live in determines the flea activity in your area. Fleas thrive in warm temperatures and places with infrequent freezes, making southern states like Alabama a prime destination for infestations. 

#6: Fleas Pose Health Risks To Humans

While fleas in your home usually won’t look to you as a host, they still pose various health risks for you and your family. Even though they aren’t likely to use you as a host, they will still bite humans. Fleas are known to carry diseases like cat scratch fever and plague which are transmitted through these bites. 

#7: Fleas Can Be Extremely Hard to Get Rid Of 

There’s a reason a large portion of pet medication shelves are devoted to fleas: they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of. Consult your veterinarian for the best products, and use them regularly on your pets. 

Beware of common DIY home solutions to flea infestations. These are usually ineffective and can be expensive if you have to keep buying them. On top of their varying degrees of effectiveness, DIY home solutions can be dangerous. They can contain chemicals that require extreme caution and must be handled with care. 

#8: You May Need to Call a Professional

The best and quickest way to stop a flea infestation is by calling a professional exterminator. 

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