Am I Covered – Home Insurance and Termites

Hate to be the one to break it to you. Are you sitting down?

That standard homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover termite control. Take heart though. While you don’t have an infestation, there’s something you might want to talk to Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, LLC. about.

There is a special kind of peace of mind you can purchase above-and-beyond your run-of-the-mill policy. It’s called a termite bond. You’re actually signing this contract with an Alabama pest control company. It generally says that they will scrutinize your property and treat the place every-so-often to keep the wood-destroyers from taking a bite from your home. During the lifespan of the policy, if termites do show-up, the company agrees to pay for damage to things caused by these vicious little creatures.

One important thing to inquire about: What kinds of termites are you protected from? Ask.

Buy a Bond or Simply Keep Termites at Bay.

You’ve probably heard this phrase hundreds of times, maybe from your doctor. It bears worth repeating:

“Prevention is 99% of the cure.”

According to the SF Gate, a newspaper that serves half of the golden gate bridge:

“The best way to prevent termites is to have your home inspected for them annually, according to the Termite Institute. Inspections are important in neighborhoods where there is a history of damage by termites, or in humid, wet areas. All termite-control products diminish over time, and changes in your home can necessitate more periodic visits from a pest control company. These changes can include cracks in the foundation or the walls of your home. Know the danger for termites in your area, and if you are buying a new home, make sure it has been inspected for termites.”

Some methods to prevent an invasion are by living in a crazy clean shack. In other words, don’t stand for a dirty house. Suspect that the munchers are doing a number on the place? Call us at the first sign that bad things might be happening.

More Tips

Be proactive. There are a bunch of exercises you and the kids can do on a weekend to prevent a squad of termites from marching into your comfortable adobe.

  • Move any fallen branches and other junk away from the house.
  • Do you have any tree limbs or shrubbery that’s touching the home? Clip ’em back. You don’t want to create any bridges for the pests.
  • Take a close look at the screens around your windows. Inspect the grates and seal any cracks or holes in the foundation.
  • Don’t forget to check your attic and crawl spaces for possible signs of termites.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, check with your insurance agent. They may have some type of rider that can be added to your existing policy before any buggers are discovered. Probably will be very limited, but — what the heck — it won’t hurt to ask.

Back to the Termite Institute. They say there are a couple of kinds of ways to kill the termites. Be forewarned, after a bait system that’s considered useful is placed around your home, it could take up to a year for them to actually work.

The other is simple. Much faster. Very efficient.

Call Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, LLC. See our name? Enough said.

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