Can You Really Kill Termites With Electricity?

Can You Really Kill Termites With Electricity

No bug is as feared as the termite when you own a home. All it takes is one foraging termite that decides your home tastes delicious, and suddenly the whole colony moves in.

Fortunately, man has figured out how to evict unwelcome insects. Pesticides are the go-to option, but there are a few other tricks that pest control companies use to get a termite problem under control. One little known termite treatment option is electricity. Here’s a look at how trained technicians can harness a high voltage to zap termites after they invade a home.

How an Electro-Gun Works to Kill Termites

The concept is fairly simple – zap termites with a high voltage of electricity to fry them on contact. But to do that safely you need specialized equipment. For nearly four decades pest control companies have used what’s called an Electro-Gun to kill termites that are lurking within wood.

Electro-Guns are tools that shoot out 90,000 volts of high frequency electricity into wood. As you can imagine, Electro-Guns are potentially dangerous and not available to the public. Only trained, licensed technicians are authorized to use them.

The technician will position the Electro-Gun’s long nozzle a few inches away from the wood surface or wall where the colony is nesting. The gun sends the electricity through the wood into the galleries where unsuspecting termites get zapped. Manydrywood termites are killed immediately, but it can take up to four weeks for them to die off.

Most homeowners are understandably concerned with frying more than the termites. Electro-Guns won’t do damage to wood surfaces, walls or wiring. However, there is a chance that nearby electronics could get scrambled. All electronic devices should be disconnected before the treatment to avoid damaging the circuits.

When Electro-Guns Aren’t the Most Effective Option

While Electro-Guns are highly effective they aren’t foolproof. The only way to guarantee all the nasty little termites are gone for good is with a follow up termite treatment. Technicians can inject a treatment like borate into the wall cavities to coat the tunnels and any survivors. This will also deter other termites from moving into the vacant galleries.

There are also a few situations when an Electro-Gun is not going to be a viable option. If the termite infestation is widespread or the technician is unsure exactly where or how far the tunnels stretch, pesticides are going to have to be used. Etex Ltd., the manufacturer of the Electro-Gun, notes that the tool is only meant to treat localized infestations.

No matter what treatment method is used, the first step in getting rid of termites is scheduling an inspection. At Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. we have provided termite control in Central Alabama for over 50 years. Customers can select from a variety of options that include everything from wood inspection reports to preventative treatments to remedial services. Call us today to start taking control of your termite problem.

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