Do You Need Pest Control During the Winter?

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Let’s start out by painting a picture to set the stage about the benefits of pest control during the winter.

It’s snowing, the air is crisp, and your family has just spent the afternoon playing in the snow, making snowmen and snow angels. The dinner bell rang. You all run inside the warm house to eat the most perfect roast with warm brownies and eggnog for dessert. Once you and your family are settling into your food comas for the night, you all sit by the fireplace, enjoy a Hallmark movie, but wait…what just ran by? A rodent?!

Unfortunately, the night can be spoiled—despite all the amazing festivities throughout the day and evening—with a gloom that will be cast over your home. Because knowing that a mouse or rat is scurrying around your home can be unsettling. Let’s face it, who wants to end their dreamy day like that? Certainly not us. 

Winter Is Coming

Don’t make the mistake of not calling us, your pest control professionals, this winter. Here are 4 reasons why you need to schedule an appointment sooner, rather than later: 

#1: Mice and Rats

Just because Cinderella was friendly with the mice in her home doesn’t mean you need to be, too. Mice and rats require only a tiny opening or crack to weasel their way into your homes. Without you even knowing it, they will gnaw on wires, poop on your bedding, destroy wood beams, and more! To prevent this from happening, we will gladly come out to seal the cracks or openings in your home. 

#2: Wood Destroying Insects

Carpenter ants and termites hide out and destroy homes from the inside out. The homeowner usually never sees the damage until it’s too late. If you see even just one insect sighting, that’s an indication that your home may be infested with wood-destroying insects. At this point, your home requires extensive treatment, maybe even the dreaded tent! 

#3: Dormant Insects

Starting in the autumn months, insects will hide in your attic or basement to escape the fridged winter temperatures that are coming. Dormant insects such as spiders, cluster flies, ladybugs, and boxelder bugs will make your home their home. Dusting those areas before freezing cold months will clear out those unwanted guests before they make their way into your living room after the season is over and the flowers start to bloom. 

#4: Spider Webs, Nests, and Eggs—Oh My!

Even if they are vacant, removing the webs, nests, and egg cases may help prevent future pests from reemerging. You’ve probably heard the term “creatures of habit,” and this case proves that creatures truly are hardwired to return to certain areas time and time again. If you get rid of the webs, nests, and eggs before they make a reappearance, the probability that they will stay in your home permanently significantly decreases. 

Call Us to Pest-Proof Your Home

Before it gets too cold, contact us to schedule an appointment to help seal up your home from pests. Remember, even the tiniest opening is an entryway for mice or other pests to sneak into your home. This season, we can help keep your home, yours.