Everything to Spring Clean Around the Home for a Pest-Free Season


Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start! Fresh blooms, fresh grass, and a fresh-feeling home. While you’re tackling spring cleaning this year, make sure you aren’t just wiping things down and calling it a day! Thorough and mindful spring cleaning can help ensure you enjoy a pest-free spring and summer. Keep reading for tips!

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Pest-Free Home

The most important areas for you to clean are your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement (if you have one). Investing a little more time in these areas will go a long way in keeping pests outside where they belong, and deter them from seeking shelter inside your home. 

#1: Your Kitchen

Arguably the most important room to deep clean this spring, your kitchen has everything pests need to survive—food and water! Now is the perfect time to go through your pantry items and toss anything that’s expired. You’ll also want to make sure you clean up any spills on your pantry shelves or racks. 

If there are any leaks or drips in your kitchen, that will attract pests as well. Do a thorough inspection around your dishwasher, under your sink, and around your refrigerator for leaks and address them as soon as you can. 

It’s also a good idea to clean out your garbage disposal! Food scraps and smells can accumulate down there and attract all sorts of bugs like cockroaches and flies. Grab some garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer and give your sink drain a fresh start. 

#2: Your Bathrooms

Because pests are attracted to moisture, your bathroom is a prime place for them to hide out. Not only are bathrooms typically humid thanks to showers and baths: They also contain a lot of pipes that could drip or leak. Check all around your bathrooms for water leaks. 

It won’t be pretty, but it’s probably time you clean out your shower drain! Cockroaches and flies can live quite comfortably down there, so you’ll want to clean it out from time to time. Hair, soap, and scum can all gather inside your drain overtime and should be cleared out regularly. 

#3: Your Basement

Any basement, attic, or crawlspace is an ideal place for pests to hide. They’re usually rarely visited spaces, can hold onto moisture, and have lots of items lying around. Pests like rodents and spiders love clutter, so try to organize these areas as best you can! Instead of storing things in cardboard boxes—which rodents can chew through and spiders love to build nests in—opt for plastic storage containers with tight-fitting lids. 

Want to See Fewer Pests Around Your Home?

If you paused your pest control services over the winter, odds are you’ll start seeing pests emerge as the weather warms up. If you continued your services throughout the cold weather, then you’re in a good spot! These spring cleaning tips will help further discourage pests from becoming roommates. 

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