Plants That Repel Fleas & Where to Put Them


Summer is the high season for fleas, but did you know there are some plants that will naturally repel these pint-sized bloodsuckers? Professional pest control is always the quickest way to take care of an existing flea infestation, however an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Adding a few new plants to your garden could be well worth the effort.

Keep reading for a rundown of which plants repel fleas and where to put them around your home.

Flea-Repelling Plants

Many of the plants that repel fleas are fragrant herbs. If you have an herb garden you may already have plants that are protecting against fleas. If not, think about adding these plants to your yard.


If you have a cat, this is certainly a plant you want around your house. It will help to keep fleas off your kitty.


Keep other plants calmer, calm yourself and calm down flea activity at the same time with Chamomile.


Citronella is best known as a mosquito deterrent, but it also repels fleas.


These beautiful flowers put off a natural chemical called pyrethrum that repels fleas, ticks and other insects.


This ornamental tree puts off an aroma that doesn’t appeal to fleas, nor does its waxy leaves.

Fleabane Daisy

As the name suggests, fleas really don’t like this cute flower. The plant is also sometimes called Pennyroyal.


Fleawort has long been thought to repel fleas even though the plant’s seeds look similar to the insect.


Beautiful, fragrant and flea repelling – what’s not to like about lavender?

Lemon Grass

Getting rid of mosquitoes is just as important as exterminating fleas, and lemon grass will repel both.


This is a multifunctional flower if there ever was one. One of its many benefits is being able to repel fleas.


The sweet smell of mint attracts humans, but it’s overpowering for fleas. Just about any member of the mint family works to keep them away.


The herb (not Rosemary Bog or Rosemary Pea) is highly effective at repelling fleas.


Early physicians used to tell people to use a mixture of rue and water around their homes to keep fleas away.


This plant is the largest member of the mint family and is good for providing coverage over a larger area.

Sweet Bay

This plant is a member of the laurel family and can grow fairly large for widespread flea control.

Tansy Ragwort

Tansy has been used for years to repel fleas, lice and scabies.


Wormwood is an herb that is believed to be a powerful repellent for fleas.

Places to Put Flea-Repelling Plants

Around the Entrances –The front porch and back patio can be dressed up nicely and made more enjoyable when flea-repelling plants are around. Putting plants at the entrance of the home will also help to keep fleas outside where they belong.

Around the Home’s Foundation – Another way to keep fleas out of your home is by putting these plants near the foundation. Just steer clear of any invasive plants in this area.

Around Windows – Fleas can jump up to seven inches high. All it takes is a few jumps to get in windows. Try using window plants full of flea-repelling herbs to keep them out.

Anywhere Your Pet Wanders – Fleas love using animals as a blood supply. Controlling an infestation is often a matter of keeping fleas off your pets. That’s why you’ll want to add flea-repelling plants to the outdoor areas that you pets frequent most. HOWEVER – never put toxic plants in easy reach of animals. Never put any of the following in places where your dog or cat hangs out:

  • Citronella
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fleawort
  • Pennyroyal/Fleabane
  • Rue
  • Sweet Bay
  • Tansy
  • Wormwood

Put Invasive Species in Pots – Potted plants are great because you can move them around where needed. But they also work well for containing invasive plants like mint.

Planting flea repelling herbs and flowers is a preventative measure, but it isn’t a foolproof solution for keeping insects out of your garden, yard and house.  Regular pest control treatments are often the most comprehensive way of staying pest-free during the summer. Give us a call today if you want to know more about how Vulcan Termite & Pest Control Inc. customizes treatments for your exact needs and surroundings.

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