Are There More Spiders in the Fall, or is it Your Imagination?

spiders in the fall

Each fall is full of tradition. Football on the tube. Pumpkins in the grocery aisle. And creepy crawlers coming out of nowhere. We’re talking about spiders—big spiders. The kind with hairy long legs and webs spanning from chandelier to wall. Even though they can make us scream and run for cover, these speckled monsters haven’t been that big for long.

Spiders in the fall are often the babies from the previous spring. They’ve been around all summer long, too small to even notice. By September, they’ve had time to grow, and grow big. That makes them more visible to us in the fall. Still, that’s not the only reason they seem to be everywhere.

Spiders are known to look for mates in the fall, so they tend to be on show for us, without even knowing it. Bigger spiders make bigger webs, so we see them all around us—behind the window screen, on the front porch, hanging from the trees and crossing the living room floor

Lucky for us all, there are easy ways to make spiders a little less scary.

Remove Webs Inside the Home

Around your home, remove webs as soon as you see them in doorways, ceilings, wall corners, and hanging fixtures. By continuing to rid the spider of its web, it will leave your living areas and move back to its hiding place within the walls and crawl spaces of your home.

Keep a Fly Swatter Handy

It never hurts to have one of these in the house! Hang it on the back of your cabinet door under the sink to use it in a pinch.

Grab a Vacuum to Clean Nooks and Crannies

When vacuuming your home, be sure to get those hard-to-reach spiders and webs under beds, behind curtains, and under furniture. The vacuum technique is also great to have when using a fly swatter means being simply too close to the spider for comfort. Maintain your vacuum routine for best results.

Call a Professional Pest Control Service

The most effective way to rid your home of spiders in the fall is to call a reputable professional pest control service. With all of the latest and greatest in pest control techniques, pesticides, and services, the right pest control expert can take control of the situation in a snap. Applying proven materials to cracks, crevices, crawl spaces, and voids, spiders are no longer a problem. 

If you have spiders in the fall and want a professional to take over with proven pest control services, contact us.