Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Spring Pests

spring pests

Spring is just around the corner! The weather is warming up, and the flowers are blooming—it’s a great time of year. With the coming of spring, many homeowners are heading up their spring cleaning checklists. 

This spring, make sure to protect your home by cleaning hotspots for spring pests in and around your property. 

The Yard 

Your spring cleaning shouldn’t stop with just your home. Infestations start outside, so tackling your yard needs to be at the top of your to-do list. 

  • Take time to check the outside of your home for any damage, cracks, or crevices. These can be common entry points for spring pests and lead to an infestation. 
  • Repair your roof where necessary, addressing any winter damage, broken tiles, or shingles. While you’re up there, be on the lookout for rotting wood or moisture. These spots can attract spring pests such as termites. 
  • Clean out all of your downspouts and gutters. When these are left unaddressed, they can lead to moisture buildup. You’ll want them clean before storm season is upon us. 
  • Check seals around your windows and foundation, and apply sealant where necessary. Cut and trim shrubbery, and take down branches that are close to your home. These are common spots for spring pests to enter inside your home.You should also remove rotted wood or tree stumps around your home as these are a favorite among termites

Once you’ve taken care of your yard, it’s time to move inside. 

Cleaning the Basement

Basements are a destination spot for many spring pests and rodents because they usually have clutter, dark corners, and sometimes moisture. 

  • Clean out your basement thoroughly. Go through your storage containers and clutter, discarding where possible. 
  • Replace cardboard boxes with plastic counterparts. These are harder for spring pests to penetrate and help eliminate a common hiding place. 
  • Check your walls and floors for cracks or crevices. Seal up any you find to prevent pest-entry ways into your home. 

Next, work your way upstairs. 

Protecting the Kitchen from Spring Pests

Spring pests, like ants, love kitchen spaces because of the availability of potential water and food sources. Crumbs, spill residue, and food left out are some of their favorite snacks. There are also a few methods beyond keeping your counters, sink, and floor scrubbed daily that you can undertake to keep spring pests out. 

  • Clean out all of your cabinets and pantry. Discard stale or outdated foods and spices.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your cabinets and replace old shelf paper. 
  • Vacuum behind your appliances—there’s probably a good bit of dust back there!
  • Clear off your counters and give them a good scrub, looking out for any sticky spots or residue in hard-to-reach areas. 

Once your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to tackle the bathrooms. 

Cleaning the Bathrooms 

Spring pests are attracted to moisture, making bathrooms a likely place you’ll find them lurking. 

  • Check for any leaky faucets, pipes, or water spots and fix/replace where needed. Make sure to look around your shower or tub for any water buildup. Taking care of open sources of water is the best way to prevent an infestation. 
  • Remove and wash your liner and shower curtain. 
  • Clean out and scrub down any bathroom cabinets like you did in your kitchen. 

Carry out this process with all of the bathrooms in your home for maximum spring pest prevention.

Have Regular Preventative Pest Control Treatment 

For the best spring pest prevention, your home needs to be professionally protected. Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. offers expert care combined with professional experience and service. Families in the Birmingham area have been entrusting their homes to us for decades. Contact us today, and protect your home from spring pests this year!