Spring Cleaning Tips That Keep Bugs at Bay

keep bugs away

Maintaining a clean and tidy home is one of the best ways for homeowners to prevent a pest infestation on their own. Bugs, insects, and pests of all kinds are drawn to food sources. And if your home isn’t kept clean, the pests will come.

Keep bugs away from your home this year by following these five spring cleaning tips. 

#1: The Kitchen 

Your kitchen is the most likely spot for bugs to find food sources. The little guys love crumbs, open containers, and sticky stains of all kinds. Scrub all of the surfaces in your kitchen thoroughly with a disinfectant. Make sure all of your food items are properly sealed and vacuum up any crumbs you find. 

Clean out the inside of your trash can; one man’s trash is a bug’s treasure! Even if you line your can with trash bags, sticky spots and gunk can still be on the can itself. While this won’t be the most glamorous task to complete, it will keep pests from invading your trash can—and the rest of your kitchen. 

If you have a pet, make sure to keep their food tightly sealed as well. While the dog chow may not seem appealing to you (we hope), it’s a nutrient-dense feast for insects. Don’t leave your pet’s bowls out overnight either. Once they’ve finished eating, clean the bowls and store them away. 

#2: Vacuum All Furniture 

Next on the list is to vacuum out all of your furniture. Time to get rid of the remnants of your quarantine snacking sessions! Along with getting rid of food residue that could be a beacon for pests, vacuuming your furniture will also ensure that no pests stay alive inside your furniture. And who knows—you may find some pocket change while you’re at it!

#3: Fix All Leaks and Clean The Surrounding Areas 

Insects are drawn to water sources as well as food sources. If you have any leaks leading to water build up in your home, it could lead to drastic consequences. Water buildup not only attracts insects, but it also can damage the wood surrounding the area, leading to pests like termites infesting your home. 

Check all your faucets for drips or leaks. Look in the space underneath them for any water buildup. Make note of any water spots you see on your ceilings. Finally, you’ll want to check your outdoor faucets as outside water sources can lead to a yard infestation. 

#4: Scrub The Floors 

After you’ve plugged the leaks, wiped down the kitchen, and vacuumed your furniture, it’s time for the floors. Sweep all of your hard surfaces and vacuum any carpeted areas. Then, mop the hard surfaces with a quality cleaning product. This will get rid of any possible crumbs or dust left around and help keep bugs away. 

#5: Seal All Doors And Windows 

If you want to go above and beyond with your spring cleaning this year, check all of the seals on your doors and windows and replace the ones that look worse for wear. This is the best way to cut off some of the more common entry points pests will use to get into your home. 

Have a Pest-Free 2021

While cleaning your home is one of the best ways for you to keep bugs away, you still need to cover all of your pest-prevention bases. Schedule consistent preventative pest control treatment for your home this year and have a pest-free 2021. Vulcan Termite has been protecting homes in the Birmingham and Over-The-Mountain areas from pests for decades. Contact us today and schedule your appointment!