Spring Pest Control: Tips and Strategies for a Pest-Free Season

fake wasp nest hanging from house

Now that we’re in March, springtime is almost here! Concerning spring pest control, you may need something preventative based on which critters you’ve dealt with in the past. On the other hand, you might be dealing with a totally new infestation this spring.

Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help! This time, we’re sharing highlights of common spring pests to look out for in Alabama, some of our best tips and strategies for a pest-free season, and when professional spring pest control services are necessary. 

Springtime Pests in Alabama

Here are just a few of the critters found in Alabama that you may need spring pest control services for: 

Learn more about the pests that inhabit Alabama ecosystems in the spring.

Spring Pest Control Tips

Here are a few of our best tips for springtime pest control that you can tackle at home.

Spring Cleaning

Indoor Chores

Your spring cleaning chores to prevent pests indoors should include decluttering under beds and other hidden areas, dusting around cracks in baseboards and doorways, sweeping and wiping up the debris of dust and food from floors and surfaces, sanitizing surfaces, clearing cobwebs, and vacuuming carpeted areas.

Outdoor Maintenance

To prevent pests from nesting or otherwise residing on your property outdoors, keep your yard clear of leaf piles, puddles, and damp wood as best as possible. Also, be sure to mend any gaps or cracks outside your home that critters could crawl through and clear out gutters that run along roofing and siding. 

Food Storage

Most pests tend to enjoy human food as much as you do and have great senses of smell. Store food in air-tight containers to block the scent from any pests lurking nearby.  

Plant a Decoy Wasp Nest

Did you know that wasps won’t build nests in places where there’s already a nest? If there’s one spot on your property where wasps can’t seem to stay away from, purchase a decoy nest and plant it there. Don’t worry, wasps won’t try to move into it because they stick to their own colonies!

Protect Windows

Cracking open a window can let in some much-needed fresh air, especially if you’ve been bottled up at home all day. However, if you open a window and there’s no screen, or the screen is damaged, fresh air likely won’t be the only thing coming through. 

Prevent flies and other pests from entering your home by replacing or repairing broken and torn window screens and keeping them clean.

Don’t Store Possessions in Cardboard

If you aren’t aware, know that mice love to chew on cardboard. You may not have heard of this last tip, but when you put your winter clothes in storage during spring cleaning, you need to store them in something sturdy like plastic, rather than cardboard.

When to Call a Pest Control Expert

Although the above recommendations can be effective in preventing pests, you’ll need professional help dealing with an infestation or for routine checkups. If you typically have a problem with certain pests in spring, it’s best to have a pest control specialist come and spray for them.

At Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, we have proudly served Alabama families since 1965. Whether you need us for fall, summer, winter, or spring pest control, we’re glad to help protect you and your family with our effective solutions! Call us at 205-663-4200 or contact us online to learn more about our affordable, effective pest control solutions.

Thanks for reading! Check out our pest blog to learn more about the pests and other creatures found in Alabama.