The White House and its Bug Problems

Recently, there’s been a lot in the news about The White House and the bugging of phone conversations. We’re not going to get into that here. In this case, we’re going to look at the people’s house from a real bug angle.


For instance, back in 1998, subterranean termites were found in The West Wing. That’s where most of the business of the Presidency takes place. Thirty-feet from The Oval Office. Really, the historical structure was bugged.

How Did They Get There?

The wood-eaters found a tiny crack in the actual foundation. No biggie. But the beasts were swarming around the baseboard near a window sill. And no. Bill Clinton didn’t call-in Seal Team 6. But the caretakers of the place took action at Bug Com One velocity.

A local pest control company was immediately called. And when the President calls, you don’t say no, no matter what side of the aisle you sit on. A business similar to Vulcan Termite and Pest Control, Inc. did the work to get all up in the termite’s faces and protect The White House from ever experiencing an invasion of subterranean termites for future generations of the swell place that the leader of the free world lives.

How About Those Bed Bugs?

Washington D.C. is one of the top ten places in the U.S. where bed bugs run amok. The property doesn’t have to be a run-down flop-house. The White House also had issues with the evil creatures. Bin Laden is at the bottom of the sea, but you can’t keep these critters from the Lincoln Bedroom by dumping The White House in the ocean.

The Secret Service knows nothing about controlling these blood-sucking monsters. The maintenance folks didn’t call Ghostbusters. The simply rang-up a local pest control business. And they took care of the bed bugs, straightaway.

Even the top-notch security of The White House would overlook these tiny invaders. See, pest control people have even come to the defense of America’s top iconic structure.


There was a classic moment when President Obama first took office. Caught on video, it became a YouTube sensation.

The prez was being interviewed in the East Room by CNBC’s and The New York Times writer John Harwood. As the Q & A went on, a big ‘ol fly buzzed Barack.

The little menace finally landed on the President’s hand. With lightening speed, Obama slapped The White House fly to bug heaven. His response, “I got the sucker,” the President bragged after smashing the fly.

Typically, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lodged a complaint. Alisa Mullins of PETA wrote on the activist’s blog site, “Well, I guess it can’t be said that President Obama wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Then PETA sent the President one of its Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher devices to The White House saying it would be good to use the gizmo in the event of “future insect incidents.”

And right before Obama got the keys to the home, in the midst of an Associated Press interview with Vice President Dick Cheney, a fly bugged him continuously.

A quick-thinking Press Secretary is quoted as saying, “We always had a lot of fly swatters at the ready, too.” Then Dana Perino, who was the press secretary for both President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney added, “We probably inherited the problems from the last administration.”

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Image Source: Matt Wade