What Thanksgiving Dish Would Pests Most Enjoy?

mouse crawling on a metal pot filled with fall foods

As we’re counting down the days to Thanksgiving, we’re looking forward to the feasts and quality time we’re soon to share with family and friends. Still, as experts in pest control, we can’t help but think how the savory dishes at Thanksgiving dinner could attract unwanted pests into the home. 

The idea of Thanksgiving pests actually gives us a great idea: What if we played a game of sorts, naming Thanksgiving dishes and which ones specific pests would enjoy the most? 

To join in on this educational, family-friendly guessing game, we’ll name a dish, and you can guess the Thanksgiving pest you think would like it most. Then, we’ll reveal the answer, along with some background on the pest and their typical diets, and you can check to see how many you guessed correctly!

Thanksgiving Pests: Make Your Guess

Round 1: Fresh Buttered Rolls

For round one, it’s time to guess which pest would absolutely adore some warm, flake, buttery dinner rolls! 

This answer may surprise you, so here’s a hint: This Thanksgiving pest is infamous for its attraction to light, especially porch lights and the lights inside your home at night. When they follow the light to sneak into your home, this pest enjoys chewing tiny holes into soft-textured items you have, whether those items are articles of clothing or soft, sweet food like buttered dinner rolls! 

Now, are you ready to guess the Thanksgiving pest?


The answer is…

Moths! And now, onto the next pest.

Round Two: Pumpkin Pie

Who says desserts have to come after dinner? It’s time to guess which pest would most love some creamy, spiced pumpkin pie! 

Here’s your next hint: This Thanksgiving pest will fly straight into your home at even the slightest hint of good food. They’re known for their sweet tooth, being especially fond of fruit, and they’ll go straight for the pumpkin pie and whipped cream topping if you don’t keep a cover on it!

Now that you have your next clue, it’s time to guess the Thanksgiving pest!


The answer for round two is…

Fruit Flies! Did you guess correctly? If you didn’t, you still have one more chance to get the right answer and win a point! Whoever gets the most correct guesses wins, so if you only get two correct, you’re still in the lead!

Round Three: Mashed Potatoes

For the final round, we’re talking about smooth, creamy mashed potatoes with warm, salty, and savory gravy poured on top!

Here is your final clue: This pest loves to eat pretty much anything, and they’ll lurk anywhere there’s moisture and an organic aroma. You’ve probably seen them skittering away when you turn on the light in kitchens or bathrooms!

They do, however, seem to prefer foods with cellulose or starch, which are organic compounds commonly found in plants like potatoes. Combined with the strong scent of gravy, this pest would go crazy for some starch-packed mashed potatoes!

Now it’s time to guess the final Thanksgiving pest and see if you’re a guessing game champion. Are you ready? 


The final answer is…

Roaches! Did you get it right this time? How many did you guess correctly?


If you guessed three correctly, you’re clearly a pest expert like us! 

Did you only get two correct? You still win by the majority: Two out of three, and you seem to know your stuff. Did you get only one right? No sweat, you still did a great job!

Finally, if you didn’t get any right, you might not be a pest expert right now, but if you’re interested, we have plenty of resources to help you learn more about the bugs and pests commonly found in Alabama!

A Message for Parents

Thanks for getting your child involved and playing along with this educational game with us! Our team at Vulcan Termite values family fun; however, more importantly, we prioritize keeping families safe from aggravating pests!

If your family notices an abundance of any particular pest on your lawn or in the home, it is best to let an expert take care of it, like our team at Vulcan Termite and Pest Control! We can safely eliminate pests and implement solutions for both short and long-term prevention. Our team has proudly served families in Alabama since 1965, and we would love to help you too! Call us at 205-663-4200 or contact us online today to learn more about our affordable, highly effective pest control solutions.