Why Do I Find More Pests in the Home During Winter?

pests in the home

Many Southerners lament the arrival of winter, but we can pretty much all agree on one of the main benefits: fewer bugs! While you’re sure to see less of them outside, you actually might start to see more of them inside as the weather turns cooler. Keep reading for more information!

Pests in the Home During Winter

Most people spend more time indoors during the winter. With fewer outdoor activities, colder temperatures, and the sun setting sooner, it’s not hard to imagine why! But while you’re retreating into your home for warmth, some pests are doing the exact same thing. 

Seeking Shelter

There are a lot of species of pests that can’t handle the cold weather. Some of them become dormant, but some seek shelter elsewhere to wait out the cold months. Your home just happens to be the perfect shelter! If you noticed a lot of pests hanging out around the outside of your home during fall, odds are they’ve managed to find a way inside for winter. 

Pests Lead to More Pests!

The bad news (other than having pests in the home) is that these bugs that find their way inside could attract even more bugs. For example, Asian lady beetles actually release pheromones that let other pests know exactly where they are. 

Food & Water

Aside from your home being a cozy shelter for pests, it also has other things they need to survive. Just like humans, most pests need moisture and food to survive—and your home happens to have those things! Damp areas of your house like basements or bathrooms will attract bugs, as well as left-out food, crumbs, or dishes with food on them. 

Hitching a Ride

Some pests don’t weasel their way into your home—they simply wait for you to carry them in! Whether it’s via those holiday decorations that have been sitting in your garage or shed or your weekly groceries, many pests will hitch a ride and then stay for the winter. 

Year-Round Guests

There are some species of pests that you’ll find in your home during the winter, as well as all the other seasons. Pests like spiders can be a nuisance any month out of the year! If you’re seeing them in the winter, odds are they’ve been living with you for quite some time. 

Common Winter Pests to Look Out For

Spiders, ladybugs, boxelder bugs, stink bugs, and cockroaches could all give you a fright this winter. Don’t count on them just going away—as mentioned earlier, seeing them in winter doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll leave come spring

If you notice pests grouped up on the outer walls of your house, or you’ve noticed an increase in pests in the home, it’s time to call the professionals. Vulcan Termite & Pest Control has been serving the Birmingham area since 1965, and we know just how to rid your home of pests in the safest, most effective way possible! Give us a call today to get started.