Winter Is the Best Time for Termite Control—Here’s Why

winter termite treatment

Unlike other pests, termites are active 365 days a year; they don’t take a winter holiday. Because of their activity, termite prevention is a year-round fight. Even though they don’t hibernate in the winter, termites are a bit more predictable with their activity. This predictability makes the winter months ideal for trap setting and bait stations. Here’s how it works. 

Winter Termite Treatment

During the winter, termites stay closer to their nests. In the warmer months, they may travel great distances looking for food, but in the winter they tend not to go too far. This makes for ideal conditions when baiting termites. 

Ideally, a bait station can be set up near a nest. The termites will find the bait and assume that it’s a credible food source. They won’t look for alternatives because they don’t like to travel far past the nest. Thus, you can bait them much easier than in the summer months when they are less predictable. 

Here’s how we keep the termites out of your home and off your property. 

Termite Prevention By Vulcan 

When exterminating termites, you are working against the clock. Because of their destructive nature, the longer termites are allowed to live on your property, the more havoc they create. That’s why at Vulcan Termite, we strive to get your termites gone as quickly as possible with our effective treatments. 

Some of the services we offer include: 

  • Pre-construction Termite Treatment: Call us before starting, or in the early stages of, construction and we can eliminate any termites already in the area and perform preventative services around the entire property. 
  • Soil Treatment or Remedial Services: Subterranean termites overwinter in the ground. Their nests could be beneath your soil and you don’t even know it. Using our soil treatment, we eradicate termites before they move from their nests into a structure. 
  • Termite Contracts: Vulcan Termite offers repair and/or retreatment contracts for qualifying homes. This allows us to provide the most extensive coverage possible.

Simply put, the winter is the best time for termite control, and we are the best at it. At Vulcan Termite & Pest Control, we have over 120 years of combined experience providing commercial and home termite treatment. Contact us today to schedule your free termite inspection. After that, one of our exterminators can assess the situation and suggest the best treatment method that fits your needs. Don’t put it off—call us today!