Your Guide to Getting Ready for Summer Pests

summer pests

Summer is finally upon us here in the South, which means many things—no school, fun vacations, and plenty of time spent outdoors! Unfortunately, summer in the South comes with some uninvited guests. Keep reading for some tips from the experts on dealing with summer pests. Summer Pests to Look Out For It’s easy to assume…

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What Are Clover Mites & What Do They Look Like?

clover mites

We talk a lot about pests that could be potentially harmful to you—after all, your family’s safety is our priority! Today, however, we’re going to be talking about a pest that’s more of a nuisance: clover mites. These pesky little pests are almost impossible to see, can invade your home this time of year, and…

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How Can I Rid My Home of Booklice?


While booklice are technically harmless, that doesn’t mean you want them taking up residence in your home. If you’ve noticed these small, gray-brown bugs skulking about, keep reading for some expert tips on how to get rid of them. What Are Booklice? Despite what their name implies, booklice aren’t actually lice—and they can’t read! They’re…

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What Impact Do Weather Conditions Have On Insects?


Here in Alabama, we’re all too familiar with unpredictable, ever-changing weather conditions. One day it’s freezing outside, and the next day, it’s sunny and humid! So, how do these drastic weather changes impact the insects we deal with in the South? Keep reading for some expert insect insight! How Different Weather Affects Insects Like lizards,…

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Ow! What Bit Me? Your Guide to Common Bug Bites and Stings

common bug bites and stings

Nature is pretty good at defending itself—some plants are poisonous, animals have teeth and claws, and even insects are equipped with the ability to sting and bite.  While many insects can only irritate your skin, some can cause more significant damage. Keep reading for a complete guide to common bug bites and stings!  Common Bug…

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Ways Landscapers Can Go About Enticing Pollinating Insects

pollinating insects

We all know how important our pollinating insects are, and most of us know how their numbers have been dwindling in recent years. Bees, butterflies, pollinating beetles, and more—they need our help to continue their important work! Keep reading for ways to help by making conscious choices this spring. How to Attract Pollinating Insects to…

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Beginner Gardening Tips to Keep Harmful Bugs at Bay

beginner gardening tips

Gardening is a wonderful hobby to have—but if you’re just starting out, it can be a bit overwhelming! If you aren’t sure what to plant, why not plant some beautiful things that will also keep annoying pests away without having to use pesticides? Keep reading for some awesome beginner gardening tips that will help keep…

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