Here’s How to Protect Wood from Carpenter Bees and Prevent Damage to Your Home

pair of carpenter bees eating through wood

  As your trusted integrative pest control partner, we’re here to empower concerned families and business management professionals with practical strategies to safeguard their yards or indoor spaces at their homes or offices from pesky carpenter bees.  This comprehensive guide will teach you how to protect wood from carpenter bees. We’ll explore chemical-free and chemical…

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Here’s How to Get Anthills Out of the Yard

ant hill in a yard

Is your yard covered in anthills and their many tenants? You’re likely ready to evict these unwanted guests, and we can’t blame you. Not only do anthills blemish the overall look of your landscape but their rapid construction also makes it easy to find yourself stepping into one that wasn’t there the day before, and…

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What Are the Bugs that Get in Flour?

weevils in a bag of flour

Weevils are notorious for being the bugs that get in flour. To the naked eye, weevils moving in a bag of flour can look like buzzing grains of rice because of how tiny they are. Are you having trouble with bugs in flour? Find helpful weevil advice from our experts in integrative pest management below!…

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How Do I Keep Wasps Away from My Pool?

How to Keep Wasps Away from My Pool: Tips and Tricks Why Do Wasps & Other Flying Insects Love My Pool? Every living creature needs water to survive, and your pool is a large, predictable water source for nearby insects.  In the summer, hornets, bees, and wasps don’t just drink the water they can find:…

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2024 Cicada Brood Map: Where Cicadas Will Appear

  Summer 2024 will go down in U.S. history for a wildlife event occurring for the first time in at least 200 years: The simultaneous summer “awakening” of five-year (also known as annual), 13- and 17-year periodical cicadas. “Look through the following sections for all the facts you need to know about cicadas, this summer’s…

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Are Carpet Beetles Invasive?

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into carpet beetles, an invasive pest in Alabama and the rest of North America. What Are Carpet Beetles? Carpet beetles are insects of the Anthrenus genus and verbasciare species.  What Are Carpet Beetles Like in Each Life Stage? As a “true insect” with a metamorphic life cycle, each carpet…

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Telltale Signs of a Skunk

skunk standing in yard

  Skunks are notorious for digging up yards and gardens. Their famous defense mechanism makes them a tricky foe to deal with. While they often don’t want to have to spray you or your pet, the stench can linger for weeks. It’s best to watch for these creatures that may have made themselves at home…

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Why Do My Houseplants Have Gnats?

gnats on a sticky trap sticking out of a houseplant

  Houseplants can often be a major attractor for pests. Many wonder why these plants draw so much attention. Gnats are a common culprit, drawn to the damp soil of houseplants where they lay their eggs. These annoying bugs, who more specifically are often fungus gnats, can also cause major damage to houseplants through their…

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How Can I Get Rid of Lizards on My Porch?

green lizard sitting on wood porch

With nearly 5,000 species worldwide, you’ve likely seen your fair share of lizards. Here in Alabama, there are 17 species of lizards, 13 of which are native to the state. Lizards are fascinating reptiles, and many people keep them as pets. However, even if you appreciate these scaly reptiles as we do, we understand that…

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