Formosan Termites: What You Need to Know

formosan termites

Formosan termites—one of the most aggressive and devastating termite species in America. They’re native to Central America and the Far East but were introduced to the United States in 1956. They feed on materials containing cellulose, just like most subterranean, or underground, termites, but their colony sizes are much larger than others. This allows them…

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Guard Your Home Against Winter Pests

winter pests

Most people assume that bugs die down in the winter—and that’s mostly true, but there are plenty of pests who stay very busy long after it gets cold. The last thing you want is to realize that you have a bug or pest problem after it’s too late, especially around the holidays! Here are some…

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My Rental Home Has Bugs—What Do I Do?

rental home bugs

Unfortunately, bug problems are common for renters. Simple lifestyle choices can significantly increase or decrease your likelihood of getting a bug infestation—which means whoever rented your apartment or house before you had some say in your current situation! If bugs have started moving into your rental property, here are some things you can do to…

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Pests That Seek Warmth in the Winter

ladybug in home

  Just like humans, insects are susceptible to the cold and try to avoid it any way they can. And just like most animals, they have a plan to stay safe and warm during the winter months. Some bugs burrow deep into the ground, others make cocoons to hibernate in, but some choose an easier…

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Can Rats Climb?

  Wintertime is when rats become a really bothersome pest for homeowners because the freezing temperatures outside send rats scurrying indoors for shelter. Think your home is sealed up as tight as Fort Knox? Are you sure every entry point has been eliminated? Unfortunately, you may not be looking high enough. Rodents in Alabama keep our…

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Top Trees That Attract Termites

Controlling termites starts with knowing what attracts these destructive pests and how they survive. Everybody knows that they chew through basically any kind of wood. But the big landscaping question is whether or not they prefer to feed on specific types of tree species. Homeowners will be happy to know that most termites don’t typically attack…

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Pine Straw and Pests: What You Need to Know This Fall

Pine straw is a popular feature of outdoor autumn décor all around Alabama, and more people across the country are also beginning to use it as an eco-friendly, organic mulch. There are a lot of reasons to use pine straw, but before you start raking it up, keep one thing in mind. Bugs that are…

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Can Roaches Come in Through Air Vents?

It’s safe to say that cockroaches are one of the most hated insects on the planet. Even though they aren’t poisonous and don’t pose a threat in most cases, many people have a genuine fear of cockroaches. The official name for the roach phobia is katsaridaphobia. When someone spots a roach in their house a few questions immediately come to…

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Where Do Termites Go During the Winter?

  During the winter, homeowners feel like they can relax a little and not worry so much about a destructive termite infestation, even in the buggy southeastern states. But is it a false sense of security? Can termites still invade your home in the dead of the winter? Not all insects die off or go into…

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