Get Mice Out of Your Home with These Tips

mouse in home

We love famous mice. Jerry Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, the mice from Cinderella––the list goes on and on. But something about a real-life, disease-carrying house mouse really gets under our skin, and for good reason! Though a house mouse is not as dangerous as a deer mouse, it can still bring in bacteria that…

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What Are Catalpa Worms?

catalpa worms

Alabama has a booming bug population that includes thousands of creepy crawlers! Some of them are commonly known, like Brown Recluse Spiders, while others are completely unknown to the general population. One bug that many locals have seen before, but know little about, is the catalpa worm—which surprisingly isn’t a worm at all. Today, we’re…

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5 Surprising Facts About Lightning Bugs

lightning bugs

If you’re from the South, you probably have vivid memories of running around barefoot in the dewy grass on warm summer nights––catching glimmering, shining, lightning bugs. Also known as fireflies, lightning bugs can light up the night with their neon glow. But what actually makes them “glow?”  Read on to learn more about lightning bugs,…

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Bugs Don’t Have to Ruin Your Summer Fun

summer bugs

It might have felt like summer a month ago, but June 21 (Summer Solstice) is fast approaching, and temperatures in Alabama continue to heat up. We’re getting geared up for tons of fun in the sun—which includes getting insects under control and taking a few extra precautions along the way.  Here are our tips on…

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Keeping Pests Out of Your Home During a Storm


If you’re from the South, you know that we deal with our fair share of inclement weather every spring and summer season. Heavy rainstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can all have devastating effects on homes across the South. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to prepare their homes for nasty weather conditions before they arrive.…

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Why You Notice More Bugs After a Spring Rain Shower

spring bugs

During April showers, insects are probably the last thing on your mind. But, as soon as the clouds part and the sun starts blazing down again, the chorus of bug chirping seems louder than it was before––why? Well, weather can tell us a lot about insects, because bugs seem to match their behavior to weather…

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Are People Really Allergic to Cockroaches?

cockroach allergy

Roaches are feared by many—not because they sting or bite, but because they’re just plain gross. Just thinking about these vile, reddish-brown insects crawling all over left out food is enough to nauseate even the strongest stomach. Most people keep their distance––rightfully so, but did you know that having a cockroach nearby could trigger an…

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The Most Common Spring Pests In Alabama

spring pests

Everyone in the South has been patiently anticipating the awakening of spring––and it’s here! We can finally put our oversized scarves and chunky boots away, and reach for our shorts and favorite t-shirts. Though we’re all collectively excited about the positive things that spring brings––picnics, walks in the park, warm weather––we must not forget that…

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Soil Quality and Pest Control: What’s the Connection?

garden pest control

Soil is a storehouse for all the elements that help plants grow: nutrients, oxygen, water, and organic matter. When properly maintained, soil can help plants grow happy, healthy, and strong. When poorly maintained, soil can suffocate plant roots, and lead to plant decay. After more than 50 years of providing pest control in Central Alabama,…

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