Smokey Brown Cockroach


SMOKEY BROWN COCKROACH (Periplaneta fuliginosa)

Smokey Brown Cockroach can be found in: All 50 States

Color: Dark mahogany color
Legs: Six
Shape: Oval
Size: about 1 inch long
Antennae: Yes
Flight: Yes

The Smokey brown cockroach is a relative of the American cockroach and resembles it in shape and size.

Smokey brown cockroaches are susceptible to losing moisture through their cuticle, and so are usually found in damp, dark and poorly ventilated environments. They rarely infest the dwelling part of buildings, and are instead found in sheds, wall and roof spaces, sub-floors, mulched areas as well as in and around grease traps and drains.

Smokey brown cockroaches prefer food of a plant origin and are therefore often a pest in greenhouses, nurseries and gardens. They can fly short distances in warm weather and are often attracted to lights at night.  They prefer living in gutters, eaves of the roof, under shingles and in attics.

Roaches can foul food, damage wallpaper and books, eat glue from furniture, and produce an unpleasant odor. Some homeowners are allergic to roaches. The pests can contaminate food with certain bacterial diseases that result in food poisoning, dysentery, or diarrhea.

Normal applications of dusts, sprays, and/or baits into harborages are important as this cockroach spends much of its time in outside areas.