Bitten by the Love Bug: Pests We Actually Love to Have Around


Don’t be surprised when you find out that some of the bugs in your garden are actually ones you want to keep around. It’s common to assume that all pests are a nuisance and annoying, but there are many insects that are good

If you are an avid gardener, landscaper, or even someone who loves to have a beautiful yard, now is the time to start planning the kinds of flowers you want to plant and grow. Here is a list of the “love bugs” that can amplify your garden through pollination and more: 


While bees do sting in nature, there are many beneficial attributes caused by bees. As long as you are free of a bee infestation, your garden will thrive due to the bees working hard to pollinate your garden. Therefore, work around them! 

Not all gardens attract bees, and that’s okay but also fixable! Consider planting wildflowers–flowers with one ring leaves since they produce more pollen–as well as plants varying in shape and size. These small changes will bring bees to your garden in a heartbeat. 

Ground Beetles

You may have never noticed this kind of beetle before, since they love to hide out under stones and mulch. Ground beetles love to eat small insects like aphids (a kind of insect that feeds of the plant’s sap ultimately damaging crops) and other leaf-eating insects. 

To keep ground beetles around, try leaving some dead leaves, branches, or flowers behind so that they can inhabit that area of your garden. Even a perfectly maintained garden needs a bit of spice. 


Did you know that ladybugs are actually a part of the beetle family? Of the 475 ladybug species, 472 of them are beneficial to nature. They eat the microscopic pests that are damaging to your garden and they help the bees pollinate. Read more about ladybugs here

Damsel Bugs

If your garden is full of low-growing crops, you may have damsel bugs living in your garden. Because there are many insects that chose to inhabit your garden space, damsel bugs will hunt other insects that cause a threat to the growth of your garden. Their instincts are to stay low to the ground, so other bugs better watch out! 


Dragonflies are quite beautiful to look at but don’t be fooled by their beauty. They are fierce hunters. They can fly up to 35 miles per hour to hunt predatory insects. So, to keep dragonflies in your garden or backyard, consider having a pond or water feature nearby. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

But wait, there’s more! There are many other insects, bugs, and pests that may surprise you when you find out they are good for your garden and yard. To learn more about which bugs you want to keep around, visit our website to read through our Pest Library.