Make a Resolution to Rescue Your Yard from Bugs This Spring


It’s New Years Eve! So much to do and watch and EAT with the college football bowl games on TV and the holiday season drawing to a close. Now that the madness has mostly passed you can put your attention on one last holiday to-do – your New Year’s Resolution?

Being that we’re bug people we always make at least one resolution to handle insects in our own homes. After last year’s summer of cooler temps and more rain the bug population exploded. So, for 2014 we plan to put effort into keeping our yards as bug-free as possible. If you’re interested in protecting your property below are a few resolution ideas and tips on how to stick with your resolution all year long.


Bug-Free Resolutions Worth Making

Total Termite Control

Diligence is the key with termite control. These pests can do serious damage in very little time. Total termite control has to be a multi-pronged approach, but given that these bugs do millions of dollars worth of damage every year it’s worth the effort to keep them away from your home and deck. Make changes to your landscape (keep soil and mulch from contacting wood structures, remove stumps and dead trees, etc.), do checks for termites at least once a week and hire professional exterminators to do regular treatments.


Garden Growing with Good Bugs

Gardens pose an interesting issue because you don’t want to put harmful chemicals on fruits and veggies. If you have made a resolution to grow a garden this year bugs and other preying animals may actually help you instead of hurt. Ladybugs will prey on harmful aphids while lizards, toads and beetles will get rid of slugs. Just be diligent about keeping them contained to the garden.


Annihilate Ants

They’re always bothersome, can often be painful and sometimes do structural damage depending on the type of ant you’re dealing with. Ants are a big problem all over Alabama so this resolution is one worth making no matter where you live. Once ants get in your yard the next place you’ll notice them is inside your home. The resolution here is to eliminate ants as soon as you see them. Not tomorrow, not this weekend – today.


How How to Stick with Your Resolution

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your resolution this year.

Only make one outdoor resolution. It’s great that you are gung ho about making improvements, but that enthusiasm could be your undoing. The more resolutions you make the less focus there is on each one, and in turn the less likely you are to actually follow through. Decide on the one most important bug prevention resolution for your yard and make that your first priority.

Don’t try the impossible. Resolutions do require some effort, but they shouldn’t be so difficult that they’re unattainable. Go for a goal you think you can reach then set the bar higher once you get there.

Get help when you need it. The good news is there are professional exterminators that can help if you are having problems that are too tough to handle on your own. Lots of people turn to the experts to reach their goals whether it’s a trainer that helps you lose weight or an instructor that’s helping you get a job certification.


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