Pest Profiles

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Their Amazing Metamorphosis

butterfly metamorphosis shown in stages on a stick

Butterflies are captivating, peaceful creatures that are the most prevalent example for demonstrating metamorphosis: a fascinating series of growth and development with distinct stages; there is a complete and incomplete variety. Both types of metamorphosis have a series of stages in which insects repeatedly outgrow and have to shed a hardened outer layer of their…

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What’s the Difference Between a Moth and a Butterfly?

blue and pink butterfly sitting on a dandelion

Moths and butterflies have very different reputations. When a butterfly floats past, onlookers are in awe of its whimsical, delicate beauty. Some even believe there is spiritual significance if a butterfly lands on them. Moths, on the other hand, are more often perceived as pests or nuisances that hover near porch lights and chew through…

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Are Bats a Type of Pest?

a common brown bat being held in a hand

  Bats—in all their leathery-winged, fuzzy-faced glory—are staples of Halloween lore and decor, much like spiders. It’s easy to see why bats are associated with spooky, creepy Halloween tales, due to their almost ghoulish or goblin-like appearance, nocturnal habits, and one particular species even having a taste for mammal blood. Many people also (misguidedly) believe…

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Pest Friends! Your Guide to Lesser-Known Summer Garden Insects

summer garden insects

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now then you’re probably already acquainted with the more common and beneficial insects that may be inhabiting your garden. You know—spiders, ladybugs, bees, and more! We can’t forget, however, the lesser-known summer garden insects that you might see from time to time.  Here is a list…

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Plain Batty: Topsy-Turvy Bat Facts

bat facts

It’s no secret that bats get a bad rap—they’re creatures of the night, after all. But did you know that bats play a huge part in our ecosystem? Not only are they actually pretty cute, but they pollinate our favorite fruits, eat annoying insects, and more. In fact, the last week in October is actually…

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Snuffing Out Stink Bugs in Your Home

stink bugs

Got a stink bug problem? Getting rid of stink bugs is a lot easier than you might think. These smelly critters are problematic for some people with springtime gardens. Although they’re not typically found indoors, it is severely unpleasant when they make their presence known. Here is how you can clear the stink bugs out…

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Can Rats Climb?

  Wintertime is when rats become a really bothersome pest for homeowners because the freezing temperatures outside send rats scurrying indoors for shelter. Think your home is sealed up as tight as Fort Knox? Are you sure every entry point has been eliminated? Unfortunately, you may not be looking high enough. Rodents in Alabama keep our…

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What Areas of the Country Have the Fewest Pests?

For many homeowners, bugs are the bane of their existence and for good reason. Insect eradication and management is a necessity that needs to be part of the annual home maintenance budget. In fact, pest control is one of the top hidden costs of homeownership. After crunching the numbers,  a survey from Infogroup ORC discovered 90%…

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Beware of Bugs Hiding in That Leaf Pile

Leaf piles just beg to be jumped in. But beneath the pillowy cushion of the leaves there are a lot of things you don’t want to be rolling around in for even a second. In addition to mold, fecal matter and debris, bugs could also be hiding in the leaf pile. If you want a…

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