What Are the Pros and Cons of Pesticide Use?

A pesticide is commonly used to kill or control pests found in nature, including insects and animals. Homeowners may often use pesticides to kill insects that have made their way indoors or to control bug populations in outdoor gardens.

Of course, since pesticides are considered harmful chemicals, they can contribute to a number of health and environmental hazards that should be considered before using pesticides at home:

Pros of Pesticide Use

Yes, using chemical pesticides does provide its advantages to safely control insect populations in a home. By keeping a home free from creepy, crawly critters, it can actually help to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria that many insects carry, including cockroaches.

Although several diseases spread by pests are now considered to be antiquated, the use of pesticide has spared the American population from the spread of serious illness, including typhoid, yellow fever, and malaria.

In an agricultural setting, pesticides are often necessary for commercial farming to protect valuable crops from being lost to insect damage. In order for farmers to make a profit, outside of an organic setting, pesticide is often used to prevent insects from destroying crops, especially produce.

Cons of Pesticide Use

One of the main concerns with at-home pesticide use is the improper handling of chemicals that could put family members in danger, especially young children and pets. For starters, the use of pesticide over time could spread carcinogens throughout a house to potentially cause cancer in a number of organs. Nonetheless, several other factors that can contribute to cancer must be taken into account as well, including family history, diet, and lifestyle.

In a household that uses over-the-counter pesticides, children risk exposure and could be affected by pesticide poisoning if chemicals are swallowed at any time. If a child were to ingest pesticides, it could lead to serious internal damage and even death if they don’t receive immediate medical attention.

When pesticides are used at home over the long term without any regulation, a family is at risk for a number of health issues that could include respiratory disorders, birth defects, skin irritation, infertility, developmental delays, and much more.

While it’s difficult to eliminate the use of pesticides altogether, especially for household extermination, it’s more important than ever before to consult professionals for pesticide use in the home. A Birmingham pest control company with years of experience will know how to properly handle hazardous chemicals to get rid of an insect infestation without endangering small children.